10 Best Cheap Small Chest Freezers For Sale Reviews In 2017

There are numerous types of chest freezers available on the market to cater for all kinds of needs. Therefore, it would be quite imperative to know what kind would suit you best. For this reason, our team of experts who specialize in chest freezers have taken the trouble of finding out which chest freezers would be ideal for your daily needs. The following is a list of the best chest freezers that are ideal for families who need to store large quantities of food in a stylish and organized way.

10. Danby 3.8 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer, White

Chest Freezers

Danby DCF038A1WDB1 is an environmentally and energy efficient freezer designed by Danby. This freezer is made of stainless steel to provide a high degree of durability. It is rustproof and resistant to corrosive chemicals. The interior offers you with 3.8 cubic feet of storage capacity. This freezer is equipped with an advanced R600a refrigerant that is designed to utilize less energy. The front part incorporates a mechanical thermostat that functions to keep your food at the correct temperatures.

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9. Midea WHS-129C1 Single Door  White Chest Freezer with  3.5 Cubic Feet

Midea WHS-79C1 Single Door Chest Freezer

WHS-79C1 is considered to be one of the top models in Midea’s long line of chest freezers. This is a durable stainless steel freezer that comes in a free standing design. This means that it doesn’t require any permanent installation. Temperature regulation is made easier with its adjustable thermostat. This freezer has an interior capacity of 2.1 cubic feet. It has a hinged, reverse door that functions to provide easy access.

8. Midea WHS-185C1 Single Door Chest Freezer, 5.0 Cubic Feet, White

Single Door Chest Freezer

Midea’s WHS-185C1 is actually a larger version of WHS-79C1 chest freezer. This freezer offers you with an interior storage capacity of 5 cubic feet. It is a durable unit constructed using high quality stainless steel. Like the WHS-79C1, it is fitted with an adjustable thermostat for easy temperature regulation. The freezer has a recessed handle that enables you to easily lift and close the lid. The storage basket can easily be detached for easy cleaning.

7. Danby DCF055A1WDB1 Chest Freezer With 5.5 Cubic FeetDanby DCF055A1WDB1 Chest Freezer

Danby DCF055A1WDB1 is actually a modified version of the DCF038A1WDB1 in terms of size. This chest freezer offers 5.5 cubic feet of interior storage capacity. It features the same stainless steel construction to guarantee maximum durability. This freezer has an Eco-friendly R600a refrigerant that functions to save you on electricity bills. It has a wire storage basket with a divider that enables you to store your essentials in a more organized way.

6. Haier HF71CM33NW 7.1 cu. ft. Capacity Chest Freezers

Haier 7.1-cu Ft Chest Freezer

In case you desire a large capacity freezer, check out Haier’s hf71cw10w chest freezer. This freezer is designed to enable you store large amounts of food at a go. It has a whopping 7.1 cubic feet of interior storage space that holds an equivalent of 250 pounds of food. This makes it an excellent choice for large families. It has a large storage basket that can be detached so that you can easily clean the interior. The included thermostat enables you to easily set the temperature to a desired level.

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5. Haier HF50CM23NW 5.0 cu. ft. Capacity Chest Freezer

HCM050EC Freezer

HCM050EC is an advanced chest freezer designed by Haier. It features a compact size with a neutral white color that blends well with any kitchen decor. This freezer is constructed from quality stainless steel to provide ultimate durability. It has an excellent interior capacity capable of accommodating 175 pounds of food. Temperature is controlled by the built-in adjustable thermostat. This freezer provides you with a manual defrost function for added convenience.

4. Danby DCF072A2WDB1 Chest Freezer, 7.2 Cubic Feet

Danby DCF072A2WDB1 Chest Freezer

Store your food in a more organized way with DCF072A2WDB1 chest freezer from Danby. This freezer offers you with an extra-large storage capacity of 7.2 cubic feet. Despite its large size, it is designed to utilize less energy compared to conventional models. It is fitted with an energy efficient refrigerant and well insulated with foam to conserve energy. Food is stored in a large wire basket that can be removed for hassle-free cleaning.

3. Midea WHS-258C1 Single Door Chest Freezer, 7.0 Cubic Feet

 Single Door Chest Freezer

WHS-258C1 is a large version of Midea’s range of chest freezers. Like most of the company’s chest freezers, it comes in a freestanding design that saves you from installation costs. This freezer has a spacious interior that provides a maximum storage capacity of 7 cubic feet. It features a tight sealing lid that is integrated with a recessed handle so that you can easily lift it up. The temperature can easily be customized using the adjustable thermostat.

2. RCA-Igloo 3.5 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer

Chest Freezer

Curtis steps into the competition with its FRF434 Igloo chest freezer. This is a compact sized, upright chest freezer that takes up less space while offering a sufficient storage space for your food items. It has an interior capacity of 3.5 cubic feet. Temperature is kept at constant level by the incorporated adjustable thermostat. This freezer features a defrost function that allows for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. It has a shelf that enables you to store your food in an organized way.

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1. GE FCM7SUWW 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer

GE FCM7SUWW 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer

General Electric, a top innovator in the world of chest freezers, takes up the top spot with its advanced FCM7SUWW freezer. This unit performs well, both in storage capacity and efficient utilization of energy. It has a 7 cubic feet capacity of internal storage space. The sliding storage baskets are fitted with dividers to offer more organized storage. This freezer has a manual defrost function to provide easy cleaning and maintenance. Its indicator light that lets you know when the unit is powered on.

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