10 Best Gym Pull-Up Bars for Upper Body Workout Reviews

Pull-up bars provide one of the cheapest ways of getting into great shape. Their lightweight and compact size make them one of the most popular choices for working out the upper body. The market has a unique variety of models that can be used to perform multiple workouts. These are quality and inexpensive models that are versatile enough to be used just about anywhere. The list below outlines the best models that are highly recommended by professionals in the fitness industry.

10. Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bars, Heavy Duty Doorway Trainer for Home Gym

Pull-Up Bars

This is a sturdy bar that is made of high quality steel to provide long-term use. The bar is specially designed for chin up and pull up exercises. It is designed to attach on doorways that measure 24 to 32 inches wide. It features multiple padded grips that are located at distinct positions to enable you work from various angles. The bar supports 300 pounds

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9. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Four Grip Positions

Pull-Up Bars

This is a compact sized wall mounted bar. It features a heavy duty frame made of steel and coated to provide added strength. The bar measures 42 inches wide and is installed 14 inches from the wall. It has 5.5-inch grips that are padded and textured to provide great comfort. The bar comes with the necessary hardware for easy installation.

8. HemingWeigh Heavy-Duty Easy Gym Pull-Up, Push-Up, and Sit-Up Bar

Pull-Up Bars

This bar is a perfect choice for upper body workouts. It features a 3-in-1 design to accommodate push ups, pull ups and sit up exercises. The bar offers 3 different grip positions: wide, medium and narrow. The frame is made of steel and supports 250 pounds. The bar fits door frames that measure 27.5 to 30.7 inches wide.

7. Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro for Pullups, Pushups, and Sit-ups


Multi-Gym Pro is designed to offer maximum support. Its 4-in-1 design accommodates a range of exercises that include push ups, pull ups, sit ups and dips. The bar fits standard sized door frames that have a width of 27 to 35 inches. The grips are padded and provide 3 different workout positions: hammer grip, close and wide. The bar supports 300 pounds.

6. Elevated Chin Up Station by GoFit

Pull-Up Bars

This is a plastic bar that provides the same level of sturdiness and strength as the metallic models. The bar mounts on doors that are 32 to 34 inches wide. It features a raised design that facilitates full-range motions. This bar can accommodate multiple workouts designed to work the upper body. The grips are padded to provide great user comfort. This bar handles 300 pounds of weight.

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5. Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar Cross Fit Training Fitness

Pull-Up Bars

Titan is a heavy duty wall mounted bar. The bar measures 53 inches wide and is made of 1.3-inch steel frame. The width of the bar can be customized to accommodate a variety of exercises. When mounted on wooden studs, the width can be adjusted in 3 different settings: 16, 32 and 52 inches. For a concrete wall, the width can be adjusted to a maximum of 48 inches. The bar supports 500 pounds.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up

Pull-Up Bars

This is a simple pull up bar made of premium quality steel. It has a shiny and smooth finish that is very gentle on the hands. The bar accommodates a variety of workouts that include push ups, sit ups, press ups among others. The bar sets up quickly in just a matter of seconds. It has an adjustable length of 24.5 to 36 inches. The bar supports 220 pounds.

3. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – Extreme Edition

Pull-Up Bars

This is an extreme edition bar designed by Pro Fit. As the name implies, it is meant to work out the upper body. It features a durable steel construction that easily mounts on your door frame without the need of any fasteners. It fits doors that measure 24 to 34 inches wide. The bar provides 5 different grip positions for enhanced versatility in your workout. It supports 300 pounds.

2. StudBar Pull Up Bar – Sturdy Ceiling and Wall Mount

Pull-Up Bars

This is a ceiling mounted bar that attaches 10 or 14 inches below the ceiling. The bar and the mounting brackets are made of 14 gauge steel to provide maximum strength. The bar measures 1.25 inches in diameter, which provides a more comfortable grip. It is 48 inches wide and can support a whopping 600 pounds.

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1. Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar with Neutral Grip Handles by MS Sports

Pull-Up Bars

This is a 48-inch long bar made of heavy gauge steel. It is one of the most favorite models among fitness enthusiasts. The bar is coated with a special powder that serves to increase its strength, sturdiness and durability. It supports 300 pounds. Unlike most pull up bars, it incorporates a distinctive knurled grip for great comfort and support.

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