10 Best Foam Roller Exercises & Roller Sticks Reviews In 2017

Foam Roller Exercises are best if you’re looking for a therapy tool that will ease your body’s soreness after an extreme workout. There are many exercise roller sticks available in the market today – some are standard in size, some bigger, others smaller. But all of these work to help you work out the kinks and muscle knots from your body. They also help increase your blood flow, give a wider range of mobility by promoting flexibility, and relieve pain. If you wish to get one for yourself, here are the best massage roller sticks reviews that you might be interested in.

10.Elite Sportz Massage Roller Stick Targets Sore, Tight Leg Muscles & Release Tension

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The Top Rated Sports Recovery Massage Tool is perfect for Myofascial release or soft tissue therapy to treat muscle pain and immobility. With a metal center rod for added strength, this muscle roller stick easily removes the pain in your legs, calves, quads, and anywhere else. With a convenient size, you can easily stash it in your bag and be ready on the go.

  • It is used for releasing tight and sore muscle.
  • Its rolling is smoothy and comfortable.
  • It is portable.
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9. Great Sports Massage Tool for Releasing Myofascial Trigger Points, Reducing Muscle Soreness

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This is a great sports massage tool highly recommended by athletes. If you’re the typical physical enthusiast who always work your muscles to a point of pain, using this muscle roller stick with its deep tissue massage feature will help you sooth your aching muscles and help reduce soreness, tightness, and muscle cramps.

  • It is for massaging legs, back, foot, calf, sciatica and shoulder.
  • It is good for helping release blood circulation.

8. The Muscle Stick Original Massage Roller

Foam Roller Exercises

Made for beginner or advanced users, the Professional Deep Tissue Massage muscle roller stick is your all-in-one massage tool to relieve muscle pain and soreness. Try this tool and you will be given instant relief from muscle cramps and common pains experienced by athletes like restless nervous leg syndrome, tennis elbow, shin splints, and more. Lightweight, easy to use, and convenient for travel, this would be a good tool to try.

  • It is used pre and pos exercise.
  • It helps release pain of legs, back, foot and calf.

7. Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller

Foam Roller Exercises

As a handheld muscle roller with sure-grip handles, the Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller is an ideal tool to use to relive your body’s tightness, soreness, and pain. Design to perform with quality, this tool works well as a trigger point therapy, deep tissue massager, and sports massage therapy.

6. The Muscle Stick Original Foam Roller Exercises

Foam Roller Exercises

Don’t be deceived with the foot massager, this Muscle Roller Stick offers a professional grade tissue massage to help naturally ease your muscle pain and soreness in no time. With a trigger point therapy feature and nine inches of rolling massager area, this is a muscle roller that can ease your pain and soreness away with just the perfect flex and tension.

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5. Soreness Elim Massage Stick Muscle Roller Massage Tool Sports Therapy

Foam Roller Exercises

While others make use of their roller sticks after a workout, the Yes4All Soreness Elim Massage Stick can be used BEFORE your routine to help you prevent muscle pain and injury by removing first the tension knots that are already in your body. With non-slip handles, seven rollers, and lightweight construction, this massage stick is definitely the exercise equipment to help you de-stress before or after your workout.

4. Massage Roller Helps Relieve Your Sore, Stiff, and Achy Muscles in Just Minutes a Day

Foam Roller Exercises

If you want a guaranteed muscle pain relief in just minutes, you might want to take the Muscle Stick Massage Tool by Naturo Fitness on its promise. Compared to other massage tool products, the muscle roller stick by Naturo Fitness has a stronger and more quality construction and can provide minutes-after-use relief for your achy body.

3. Massage Stick Is a Tool Used For Leg & Back Muscle Pain Relief, Knots

Foam Roller Exercises

As a Top Rated Muscle Roller Stick in the market, this particular massage tool might easily become your favorite with its ability to offer immediate relief from muscle pain. Even if you’re into high or low intensity workouts, this muscle roller stick can easily help you with your muscle pain problems like myofascial, muscle cramps, plantar fascistic, and shin splints.

2. The most durable firm massage roller stick – Eliminate muscle tightness and soreness

Foam Roller Exercises

For optimum performance before or after you exercise, using the Premium Muscle Stick Roller would give you the advantage of doing so. With a durable and firm massage roller, this can easily work your knots out in minutes and take away the pain and tension in your muscles. The metal construction of the stick gives this the strength you need while the rubber handles combined with the 7 rollers provide the right pressure to give your muscle focused pain relief.

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1. Best Roller Stick for Instant Relief of Leg Tightness, Cramping & Soreness Post Exercise

Foam Roller Exercises

The ACF Muscle Roller Stick for Recovery Massage makes the top spot with its longer rolling area of nine inches making it a perfect muscle roller stick with just enough tension and flex for pain relief for any area in your body. Ideal for athletes, the ACF Muscle Roller Stick can be used by both adults and young adults to reduce muscle pain from exercising or as a warming up tool to prevent injury and increase blood circulation in the body.

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