10 Best Massaging Balls for Back Pain Reviews

With the use of massaging balls, you can easily ramp up your exercise routines and do a full-body workout. Aside from athletic training and body building exercises, exercise balls can also be used in physical therapy. It can also be used to support the body’s balance, improve stability, and can be used in yoga. With its soft elastic quality and variable pressure, this is perfect if you wish to perform a wide range of exercise routines at a gym or at the comforts of your home. Against exercising on a flat surface directly, the instability of an exercise ball engages more muscles to remain in balance, thus the muscle groups being worked out better become stronger without having to increase your exercise load. With that, here are the best exercise balls reviews that you must read to decide which of these will fit your needs best.

10. The Yoga Massaging Balls  To Relieve Stress and Relax Tight Muscles

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As a yoga massage ball, Mandala is one of the best trigger point balls and can also be used as a massage ball for pregnant mothers or those who want to relax and relieve stress. With a gentle massage mechanism, the solid rubber of the Mandala are ideal in eradicating tension and muscle knots all around your body.

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9. Exercises for Women – Silicone Bladder Control Devices

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Aside from strengthening and toning your muscles, the Kegel Exercisers for Women can also be used to improve bladder control and promote better health for the pelvic floor, especially for women. An excellent massage ball for childbirth recovery, it also prevents the occurrence of urinary incontinence. This massage ball is very safe to use with its latex-free material composition, medical grade silicone and hypoallergenic properties.

8. SKLZ Dual Point Massager- Ergonomic Spine & Tissue Massager

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If you have the problem of constant back pain, the ergonomic SKLZ Accupoint spine massager would be the perfect exercise ball for you. Designed to effectively relieve back pain by applying pressure on stiff areas and pain points, it increases your tissue mobility and acts as a corrective therapy for your spine.

7. Body Massage Roller Ball – Self Massage Therapy Tool for Sore Muscles & Pain Relief

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For deep tissue massages, the Massage Roller Ball can easily provide your body with an energizing directional movement and pressure. If you’re always on the go and you need a therapeutic massage tool that works hands-free to eliminate muscle tension and stress, this would be perfect for you.

6. Tune Up Fitness Therapy Balls PLUS with Tote

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Ideal for muscle repair and pain relief, the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls is a bit larger than your average therapy exercise balls to cover more surface area. With its larger size, it provides a greater depth of massage pressure for easy tension relief. It also comes with a snug-grip mesh tote that is custom-designed for massaging the spine.

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5. Zensufu Massage Roller Ball

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With a unique exercises ball design, the Zensufu Massage ball is a versatile massage tool that you can use at home and office or even in your travel. As a portable massage tool, this is very convenient whenever you’re on the go to easily take your stress away, relieve muscle tensions, especially around your neck and back area.

4. TriggerPoint TP-Factor Extra-Firm Massage Ball

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Working like a deep tissue massager, Trigger Point Performance TP-Factor Extra-Firm massage ball is perfect for easing away your body’s minor aches due to stress and tension. With a firmer construction so as not to lose its shape, this exercise ball is great to use on your back, neck, chest and calves and anywhere else where you might be experiencing pains.

3. Yoga Tune Up Massage Therapy Balls Pair in Mesh Tote

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Just like its PLUS size version, the Original Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls is one of the best exercise balls recommended by chiropractors, physical therapists, and pain specialists. What’s unique with this exercise massage ball is that it delivers targeted self-massage trigger point therapy. The high grip rubber balls specially designed for focused movement routines allow you to deeply massage and relax your body areas susceptible to high tension to relieve pains, loosen stress knots, and improve your body’s flexibility.

2. Palm Shaped Ball Roller Body Massager Feels Amazing Stress Relief

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Experience amazing relaxation and stress relief using the Palm Shape body massager with rotating balls to massage your body just about anywhere. With nine 360-degree rotating balls, this massager will do all the work for you to easily relax your muscle and take away your body’s aches and pains.

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1. Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller’s Therapy Balls Deep Purple

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If you want the ultimate massage experience to improve your body’s flexibility, improve blood circulation, and easily relieve stress knots, aches, and pains away from your body, the Original Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls would be your answer. With a firm rubber construction perfect for deep and targeted massage point therapy, this is your best exercise ball to help relax your body.

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