10 Best Low & High Lift Floor Transmission Jacks for Sale Reviews

There are those of us that have tried to remove a transmission without using the transmission jacks and I can promise you that it is a process that was not an easy one. This is because sometimes you will find that transmission has an odd shape and thus make balancing it on a saddle or a traditional floor jack to be a nearly impossible thing to do. Taking out such a transmission is seen as the easy part but at the same time, putting it back become a challenge. It is time to remove the guesswork scene from your life if you want to get out and get a transmission jack that is going to be your best of friends ever. Get to read and find one that will suite your needs.

10. Torin TR4053 Pedestal Transmission Jack – 1/2 Ton Capacity

Transmission Jacks

This is a transmission jack that has all the best features that you really need to have. It has been manufactured with quality steel and then given an enamel finish so that it suits whenever that you are going to put it. It is able to roll with easiness when you have put it under your hoisted vehicle thus making it easy to remove and even install any transmission from your car or even a light truck.

  • It is possible to support 1/2 ton.
  • It is constructed of durable steel and dipped enamel finish.
  • It is easy to use both in-ground and above ground lifts.
  • Its saddle is easy to adjust to any transmission.
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9. Torin TR4076 Roll Under Transmission Jacks – 1000 lbs

Transmission Jack

It is a jack that has a 1000 lb capacity and has been made with a smooth hydraulic lifting and also lowering ability. The fix of the 360 rotating handle is also an advantage one for use when you want to have better load position. The saddle that it has been made with is also one of the unique developments given to it as it will allow you to have a full front and also the back adjustment.

  • It is really for reliability and safety.
  • It is easy to adjust the saddle.

8. Sunex 7796 1000-Pound Air and Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jacks

Hydraulic Transmission Jack

The product that we have for you here is one of the lovely ones in the market as it is used for the removal, installation and also the transmissions transportation of cases on vehicles that support the use of lifts. It has lower telescopic rams that will enable transmissions to be done from the jack up to the work table up to a height of 74 inches. The wide base legs will also ensure that stability is realized.

  • It has 2 caster wheels for preventing the jack from moving.
  • It is possible to support overload capacity.
  • It is easy to install and portable.

7. OTC 2,000 lbs Capacity Heavy-Duty Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack

Low-Lift Transmission Jack

This is a rugged but stable unit that is able to provide you with the ability to handle all the heavy transmissions ever. It has a low profile design that will get the lowest clearance of trucks and thus make it an ideal appliance for use with many clutch repair work. The pump handle that it has been designed with has that ability to rotate up to 3660 degrees so that you have the best operator convenience. It has a safety overload system that will prevent any use beyond the stipulated capacity.

  • It is designed for using the low lift.
  • It is safe for overload use.
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6. Goplus 1100 lbs Hydraulic Transmission Jack With Swivel Wheel Lift Hoist

Hydraulic Transmission Jack

It is a jack that is able to ensure that you can easily guide a transmission safely and also securely. It has a saddle that is fully adjustable and comes with great corner brackets. To make it work efficiently, there is a foot-operated pump that it comes with and when it combines all that with a lowering level, a great lift range, a four leg base, and swivel casters, you are entitled to get the best stability from its usage.

  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is easy to move from place to others with its 4-legs swivel casters.
  • It has the safety with overload capacity.

5. OTC 1728 1000 lbs Capacity Air-Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack

High-Lift Transmission Jack

It has been designed with a unique foot pedal as it will give you the best complete control so that you are able to raise the mounting head all the way to the transmission level, in the first stage. Things will grow better when you move to the second stage as it is hydraulic actuated thus giving you better operator control. You can also tilt it up to 50 degrees forward and 20 degrees backward.

4. OTC 1793A Stinger 1,000 lbs Capacity High-Lift Transmission Jack

High-Lift Transmission Jack

It is a product that has been designed with a universal saddle that is able to tilt front and back and also sideways and with the adjustable corner brackets, you are able to ensure that safety is going to be maintained at all times. It has been fitted with a foot operated pump and a lowering pedal that will ease all the control when you are positioning or even removing a transmission.

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3. Goplus 1500 LB 2 Stage Hydraulic Transmission Jack

Hydraulic Transmission Jack

Guiding a transmission is always a hard thing to do for most people but you can have that done easily with the use of the product that we have for you here. It will ensure that you will easily guide a transmission in a secure and more safely manner. The saddle that it has been fitted with is one that is fully adjustable and has also been fitted with corner brackets to fit comfortably. Buy it and you can use it for any light truck transmission and removal.

2. 1000 LB 2 Stage Hydraulic Transmission Tranny Jack

Hydraulic Transmission Tranny Jack

If you want a jack that will be able to take care of your money, then I have to assure you that you are going to get this item fit in your kitchen. It is a jack that has been used for many times and no major complaints have emerged other than the normal longer tie on clamping to the transmissions. You always get to directly to our customer desk and your concerns will be taken care immediately.

1. Sunex 7793B 1/2-Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack

Transmission Jack

You don’t have to always work out to put your arms and hands into much work because, with this item, you will find that it has been designed with a foot-activated pump pedal that ensures that your hands always rest as the pedal does its work. There is an overload valve that is there ready out ensure that the jack is not used to carry something that is beyond its capacity.

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