10 Best Professional Hair Clippers For Men in 2023

10 Best Professional Hair Clippers For Men in 2023

There are many reasons to visit a barber: if you’re thinking of changing your hairstyle if you want a hot towel shave if you want a particularly complicated haircut or a simple fade (which is really hard if you’re trying to do it yourself). But there are times when you can take matters into your own hands. Keeping your haircut fresh between barber visits is one of them. Going full G.I. Zen and removing your hair might also be one of them. We know it can be hard to justify going to a barber when you can get the kind of haircut that can be done in our bathroom. But if you’re going to DIY—or at least keep your cut fresh between appointments—we ask barbers and barbers which professional haircuts they use for the freshest fades and most defined lines.

1. Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip

The most recommended product by our barbers is Wahl’s Magic Clip. Everyone says it’s the razor they use at work and the first one they’d recommend for cutting hair at home. According to barber Mark Miguez, co-owner of New York City-based Friend of a Barber, the device is not only multi-functional but also the best beard trimmer in its class, but it comes with eight different guard sizes (ranging from 1/16-in. to one-inch) that will accommodate any desired length of home cut. Lester Rivera of Florida’s The Spot Barber Shop adds that the Magic Clip can handle all hair types, telling us it’s “strong enough to cut the thickest hair yet still able to deliver a precise blend.”

Another “big plus” of the cordless clipper, according to Rivera, is its lithium battery, which gives it “about two hours of autonomy” on a single charge. Wood Smith agrees with the battery life, noting that the Magic Clip is “light enough to be easily maneuvered by hand.”

Alejandro “AJ” Albano, a hairstylist at Tuft NYC, has been using the Cordless Magic Clip since 2015 and agrees that it’s the “lightest, most wrist-friendly clipper” he’s used in his two decades of cutting hair. Once you’re comfortable with it, Miguez says the Magic Clip can make cutting hair easier with a lever you can press to shorten the length of a guard as you trim, allowing you to tape around the ears and neck. Stop and change to a smaller guard.

Wahl makes most of the models on this list, some of which also appear on our list of expertly recommended beard trimmers. As we recount that story, we asked Sam Buffa, founder of Fellow Barbers, why the American manufacturer’s name is so popular among its peers, and he told us it’s for two reasons: The quality of Wahl blades makes their products “the best bang for your buck.” And those blades often “stay sharp”.

2. Wahl Color Pro Complete Haircutting Kit

For a more affordable option that will satisfy someone who needs a quick cut before reaching a proper stylist, three of our stylists recommend the Wahl Color Pro Clipper. While this clipper is on the more affordable end of Wahl products, hairstylist David Kim of Filthy Rich Barbershop in Woodside, Queens, says you’ll always get a “professional product” from the brand, and this one is no exception.

Sposito says the Color Pro has a “big guard setup” that takes the form of 13 guards (from 1/16-inch to one-inch) color-coded by length (hence the name “Color Pro”). The color-coded guards aren’t the only thing that makes this clipper great for at-home trimming — it also comes with two combs and a pair of scissors — or just about everything else you need for men’s haircuts at home. Hairstylist Ronal Lee King also likes the Color Pro, the first clipper he says he’s ever used, telling us that home use will provide “an almost professional cut without the professional price.”

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3. Philips Norelco Flex and Pivot Multi-Purpose Trimmer

We’ve written before about how, when reporting stories about the best grooming tools for men, groomers sometimes prefer different brands than regular guys; A choice we’ve learned comes from marketing more than anything else (because some brands are more marketable than others).

So it’s no surprise that this affordable device from Philips Norelco, whose beard trimmers and electric shavers are also endorsed by regular men, comes highly recommended by Andy Baraghani, a senior food editor at Bon Appétit who, during the height of Covid, has occasionally shared her self-imposed quarantine haircut on Instagram.

Baraghani, who usually keeps her hair short, told us she’s “used this trimmer for about eight years to cut and style,” praising its ability to “get the job done as quickly as possible” whether you’re cutting hair. , sideburns or beards. The clipper comes with three beard trimmer guards, a stubble trimmer guard, and three hair-cutting guards (3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, and 5/8-inch).

4. Surker Men’s Cordless Hair Clipper

While the combo trimmer above is what Baraghani already needs to keep his hair short and neat, for men who don’t groom regularly, this trimmer (made for cutting head hair) is what writer Senior Strategist Lisa Corcillo used to trim him. Fiancé’s hair “fast-growing, curly hair” during long pandemic barber shop closures. “I like it because it’s wireless, can be charged with a USB cable, and has a pretty good protector,” he says, the latter detail being especially important to him as a newbie who wanted a wide margin of error.

(The trimmer has eight guards and a lever that adjusts their position to provide a cutting range from just 1/16-inch to just 3/4-inch.) Corsillo adds that the trimmer is “really precise, with a blending lever that I like more. Getting better and better.” It’s also made of sturdy materials: “In the picture it looks like it’s plastic with a chrome plate, but it’s actually steel all over,” he says.

5. Wahl Peanut Cordless Clipper/Trimmer

For anyone who knows they want a buzz cut, two of the people we spoke to recommended the lightweight Wahl Peanut, one of our favorite beard trimmers, as the best clipper for getting that shorter look. Miguez, who uses the Peanut to cut his hair at home, says it comes with fewer guards than other Wahl clippers on this list, but the included ones are all you need “for a basic shave” (four included). protectors from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch). Sposito recommends the Peanut for buzz cutting, saying its modest size and weight are “aimed at the home cutter but powerful enough for professionals.” It is also available in a wired version.

6. OSTER Classic Universal Motor Hair Clipper

If there is one motor mower that has stood the test of time, it is this ‘classic’ piece from OSTER once and for all! With lubricating oil, blade guard, and clipper grease, it is definitely perfect for effortless cutting. Its heavy-duty performance is surprisingly quiet.

In fact, it’s perfect for close shaves, whether you’re talking about wet or dry hair. In fact, it is designed in the form of a crush-resistant coating, making it ultra-durable in nature. Granted, Cryo Dual Detachable Blades come with a size range between 000 and 1. What is its USP? The blade has plenty of torque to ensure a precise cut

Key Features:

  • The motorized hair clipper has a heavy-duty 9-foot power cord that prevents accidental cuts.
  • What makes it different? Ergonomic styling with a single-speed universal motor.
  • Rather it comes packed with instruction sheets and cleaning accessories.

7. Wahl Color Pro Complete Haircutting Kit

Are you looking for a hair clipper that is stylish and guarantees the right grip? Wahl the answer to your demands! With color-coded guide combs, this professional clipper is known for its budget constraints and capabilities. Well, unlike its competitors. Next, the hair clipper’s soft grip and color-coded keys make it stand out against its competitors.

Additionally, its high carbon steel blade is highly precise in nature with self-sharpening capabilities. Having a thumb-adjustable taper allows for multiple cutting lengths. Finally, the soft-touch rubber grip with the highest level of control maximizes the comfort level.

Key Features:

  • In particular, it is used without the attachment comb for a close shave.
  • Includes clipper blade cover, double hair clip, blade oil, cleaning brush, neck duster, and triple hair comb.
  • It must be enclosed in a manageable storage case with an instruction manual.

8. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Home Electric Hair Clipper and Trimmer for Men

If premium, powerful and durable are your keywords, the Wahl Elite Pro Clipper and Trimmer are for you. As one of the most popular home hair clippers, this combo pack is known for its range of top-notch accessories. Because of that, it not only gives you complete comfort but also guarantees a perfect gift for everyone. Self-sharpening precision blade best used for all types of haircuts.

The hair clipper’s 8-foot power cord is thick and maintains the highest safety standards. Plus, premium guide combs with a secure fit and attached stainless steel clips. Best of all, it is embedded with a durable motor for superior performance.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with premium accessories including scissors, blade oil, cleaning brush, comb, blade guard, and cord wrap.
  • The engine is known for its 15% improved power level.
  • In fact, all 10 combs come with a tapered layer and a solid closure.
  • Have a high-quality metal guard instead of plastic.

9. Wahl Lithium-Ion Cordless Rechargeable Clipper

Sleek, lightweight, and better-stocked kit than its competitors. This cordless clipper not only works well for professionals but is also guaranteed to be the best gift for everyone. With a rich variety of accessories, this slicer has double the power and definitely gives you the best service. However, during a 10-minute charge, it works up to 2 hours of use.

Then allow it not to snag. It has a heavy-duty motor power with 50% capacity. With 2 hours of operation, it is 40% faster than other products.

Key Features:

  • Self-sharpening blades with multi-guide combs make it easy to pick your own.
  • Precision blades ensure a detailed trim.
  • In case of emergency, it comes with a “quick charge” version.

10. Wahl Professional Ultra Powerful Full-Size Clipper

A newbie to pruning? In that case, this super tapered trimmer is just the thing for you. Its top-notch performance is certainly a winner, but its aesthetic appeal is no less. So, for a smooth and precise haircut, choose this clipper for yourself!

An upgraded measure, it has an 8-foot-long professional-grade cord. In fact, it is a chemical-resistant part of the company’s professional range. Finally, it delivers slick performance at every step.

Key Features:

  • It is powered by a v5000 engine and is highly durable in nature.
  • Strong in nature, it works well on thick hair types.
  • Packaged with 8 attached combs, clippers, cleaning oil, and a red blade guard.

What are we looking for Hair Clippers?

Corded or Cordless: Professional groomers often choose cordless clippers because they have the most powerful and consistent motors. Plus, they never need to be charged and won’t start losing power after just one client. But if using a cordless trimmer is more convenient for you, it’s also important to find a trimmer with decent battery life. Most will list a full battery charge life in minutes on their package.

Powerful Motor: Figuring out how powerful the motor is in a clipper or trimmer is a bit tricky. The best places to look are often product reviews, where people candidly share their experiences, sometimes in great detail. Miles Wood Smith, head barber at Murdoch London, told us it’s important to use a clipper with enough power to cut hair consistently. And hairstylist Julien Howard (aka Velo Barber), who has seen men of all colors with all kinds of beards, says trimmers and clippers from brands like Wahl, Andes, Philips Norelco, and Oster often have motors. (and the blade) is strong. Enough to handle the thickest hair (or any finer).

Guards and accessories: Blade guards of various sizes are similar to training wheels. They help guide your hair without making it uneven or too short. The guards come in different lengths to keep the actual blade of the clipper slightly away from your head and cut each hair at that length. Sposito also has two tips for use by aspiring groomers: Before even turning on the clipper, grab the guard you want to use “and glide it through your hair on your scalp.” Do not cut off any hair sticking out of the guard. And while you may not be able to see what you’re doing, you can always hear your clipper, which is a great way to make sure you’re doing it right. “The moment you stop hearing the clipping sound, that means you have an even line,” he says.

How to cut your own hair at home?

If you want to cut your own hair at home, there are a few things you need to know.

  1. Decide what style you want. Fashion cuts are a common style and have many variations, so before you turn on the razor, consider the end result you’re hoping for.
  2. Buy a hand mirror or build a double mirror setup. This is especially important if you are doing it yourself because you need to be able to see behind your head.
  3. Use your bathroom as a barbershop. Make sure it is well-lit and you feel comfortable in front of the mirror. Go shirtless (or naked). This will make it easier to clean up when you’re done.
  4. Go slow and start with the longest guard. Gradually work with lower and lower pads until you get the length you want. Take your time and watch your head carefully as you go so you don’t miss any points.
  5. If you’re doing it yourself, get up. You need to be comfortable, but also able to lean into the mirror to inspect details. Do not try to do this in a chair.
  6. If all of this stresses you out or you get stuck during the process, call a professional to solve the problem or watch a virtual haircut tutorial to guide you through the process.
  7. Be prepared for maintenance. Just because you’re doing your own cutting doesn’t mean you get a free pass on maintenance. Be prepared for touch-ups at least every two weeks, and sometimes more, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Second, and more importantly, you need to use the right pair of tools. This means using real hair clippers, like a professional barber would use, rather than trying to get your beard clipper up. Hair clippers are generally more powerful than beard trimmers and are good for trimming all types of hair with ease (although some trimmers are specifically designed for both). If you are going to maintain the house, investing in the best haircut is essential if you want a nice haircut without a homely style.

But a word of caution: “Professional tools require maintenance and attention, and there can be a learning curve when you learn to use them,” says hairstylist von Acord. “They can cut or irritate your skin if you don’t know how to sterilize or adjust them.” He advises caution before taking matters into your own hands, as barbers and barbers are trained to give you the perfect cut for your face and head shape.

Frequently Asked Questions of Hair Clippers

What brand of razor do professional hairdressers use?

Although it depends on preference, your budget, and hair type, clippers from Andis, Babyliss Pro, and Wahl are recommended by groomers. Even professionals are known to keep multiple brands and types of clippers on hand to tackle different cutting styles.

What do professional hairdressers use to cut hair?

While hairdressers mainly use scissors, hairdressers usually cut most hair with clippers. However, scissors remain the most basic tool used in hairdressing.

What is the highest grade for a haircut?

Number 8 haircuts are usually the highest of all clipper lengths in haircut numbers. The hair it leaves behind is about an inch long, so you can use a small clipper to trim the top while fading the sides.

Which hair clipper gives the closest cut?

The Wahl Close Cut Clipper with ultra-fine blades will trim your hair down to 0.4mm, 50% shorter than the standard 0.8mm blade, giving you the confidence to get an ultra-fine cut or finish.

What are the 3 types of haircuts?

There are three types of clippers that hairdressers can use to cut short hair:

  • Detachable blade clipper. Detachable blade clippers are the most powerful in use today. …
  • Adjustable clipper. Another popular type of slicer is the adjustable slicer. …
  • T-Blade Trimmer…
  • Clean your cutter.

What clippers do black barbers use?

For a heavy-duty barber clipper: Andis Master Standard. However, it requires some skill and maintenance. If you want convenience and cordless action: the Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip is your best clipper for black men.

Which brand of hair clipper is better?

Best haircuts for home use our choice of Wahl Elite Pro High-Performance Clipper Kit. The best home clipper.

  • Budget selection. Wahl Color Pro Plus Haircutting Kit. …
  • Select Upgrade. Oster Quick Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper. …
  • Also great. Remington’s virtually indestructible hair and beard trimmers.

What is the black stuff barbers use?

Black Ice Touch-Up Spray. This is the original Black Ice Touch-Up Spray, trusted by hairdressers around the world to touch up small areas and create more defined lines. This product can also be used to restore wigs, hairpieces, weaves, and toupees!

Which guard leaves more hair?

Clipper’s largest guard size, 10, is a hair an inch and a quarter long. However, not all clipper kits have guards up to size 10. Some kits only go up to number 8 guards. Cut hair with a number 8 guard an inch longer after cutting.

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