10 Facts And Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Apples


Many people forget the fact that keeping the doctor away only requires a simple act such as reaching for the fruit bowl once a day. Fruits should be an essential part of your snacks throughout the day – instead of going for unhealthy, gluten-rich snacks that will wreck havoc on you.

But what makes the apple fruit so good?

The USDA organization, in 2014, did a research on 100 foods to measure their antioxidant levels per serving. Remarkably, two of these apples – the red apple and Granny Smith were ranked at 12 and 13 positions respectively.

You see, antioxidants are compounds that fight diseases in your body. As oxidation takes place (during normal body cell activity), damage occurs, and this is what we aim at rectifying. Again, these fruits are full of fibers. An average sized apple fruit will contain at least 4 grams of fiber, which is good news for people who want to enrich their diets with fiber.

Here’s the list of 10 amazing Health Benefits of Eating Apples everyday, you should know.

1- They are slow foods, with better satiety

Studies have compared people taking whole apple fruit with those taking apple sauce or juice. Participants have reported full satisfaction after consuming the whole fruit as opposed to its alternatives.

You see, apples will make you chew them as you enjoy the sweet juice out of their flesh. As you do so, you get better satiety, plus the natural sweetener in them gets into the bloodstream in a gradual process. Consequently, it keeps your insulin and blood sugar level stable to make you feel full.

This is quite the opposite for many sugary snacks we love eating. They are sweet, so we consume them only to produce a rush that leaves us angry once again. These snacks don’t seat in the stomach for long, plus they don’t even release sugar to the bloodstream in a gradual manner.

2- You Can Breathe Easy

In one study, kids whose mothers consumed the most number of apples were less likely to develop asthma by the time they reached 5. And according to the same UK-based study, it depicted that even adults who ate apples everyday protected their lungs by lowering the risk of developing lung cancer and respiratory diseases.

3- Apples get Rid of Bad Cholesterol

It’s all attributed to two types of fiber components found in this fruit. They are known as pectin and polyphenols (a fiber and a powerful antioxidant respectively). It has been noted that a bite of apple everyday can save you from the headache of bad cholesterol in the body. The fruit simply prevents the oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol).

Oxidation is a chemical process that does not hesitate to turn bad cholesterol into a plague that clogs your arteries. To get the most benefit from this fruit, doctors advice that you don’t peel off the skin as it contains the most antioxidant compounds.

4- Apples Keep Cancer at Bay

If you don’t want cancerous cells to grow in your body, a slice of apple will help you put this on check — several studies have found. However, the compounds that fight cancer in apple are most potent when the thing is eaten whole — of course without the seeds and the stem.

You can make it an assignment to munch more than one apple fruit everyday, and you’ll significantly lower your risk for developing various cancers, such as ovarian, prostate, breast, colon, esophagus, oral and many more.

5- They Make You Sharper as you Age

Apples have been shown to enhance the production of acetylcholine, a chemical that’s responsible for transmitting messages across nerves. Some researchers suggest that apples could go along way to make you smarter as you age. They could boost your memory, or even limit chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease — this is according to one study that was conducted at University of Massachusetts.

6- Whiter Teeth

You see, this fruit won’t replace that toothbrush you frequently use to clean your teeth. However, the act of chewing continuously will stimulate the production of saliva, and this reduces chances of tooth decay occurring since it keeps bacteria at bay.

7- Avoid Parkinson’s Diseases

Research now depicts that individuals who eat lots of fruits, rich in fiber enjoy some amount of protection against Parkinson’s disease. This is a disease that is caused by a breakdown of nerve cells that produce dopamine. In the past, researchers have linked this breakdown to the free radical-fighting energy of the antioxidants contained in such fruits.

8- Protection Against Metabolic Syndrome

If you eat apples on a daily basis, you will lower your odds of getting metabolic syndrome. This is a name given to a cluster of syndromes that have been linked to the risk of getting diabetes or heart diseases.

The author of ”Eating Well Magazine”, Joyce Hendley, reported that people who consumed at least some form of apple in the past 24 hours were 27% less likely to develop metabolic syndrome (she pulled this data from National Health & Nutrition Examination Study, NHANES).

Those who ate apples were also found to have lower levels of C-reactive proteins — an element in the blood whose presence is a sure sign that one is at risk of developing a heart disease or diabetes.

9- Increased Endurance

Working out is good because it keeps you fit. But you need strength and endurance to tackle hard exercises. Reports now have it that consuming a dose of apple fruit before workout will increase your endurance. The reason being, this fruit contains another antioxidant known as quercetin, a compound that makes oxygen more available in your lungs to increase your endurance.

There are even supplements in the market containing quercetin, and one study showed that these supplements helped people bike longer.

10- Treat Anemia

Because they are rich in iron, they are good for people who are anemic. This diseases is characterized by a deficiency in hemoglobin in blood — a problem that can be rectified by adding more iron into the blood. By doing this, one is also increasing their level of red blood cells, which oxygenates organs in the body so that they can function optimally.

So if you’ve been wondering why you should take an apple every day, the above reasons should justify why you should. Remember that when you prevent, you’ll be better off than one who cures.