2 thousand 450 kg ‘troubles’ will fall on earth today, know about the ERBS satellite

A satellite of the US space agency NASA, about 38 years old, is about to enter the Earth’s atmosphere today. Its name is Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS). It was launched to measure the radiation energy of the earth. It has been withdrawn from satellite service. NASA has said that most of the satellite will end before it enters Earth’s atmosphere. Some pieces may fall to the ground as debris. According to Indian time, this 2450 kg satellite may enter the Earth’s atmosphere in the early hours of today. By the time the news is written, it will have entered the Earth’s atmosphere, although it may take more or less 17 hours.

The US Department of Defense had predicted that the satellite would enter the earth’s atmosphere around 5:10 am India time today i.e. Monday, though it is expected to burn up completely in the sky as soon as as soon as it enters the atmosphere. In a statement, NASA said our team expects most of the satellite to burn up. Some components may remain. There is very little risk of it doing any damage to the land.

During its mission, ERBS did a great job of studying how the Earth absorbs and radiates energy from the Sun. This satellite was launched on October 5, 1984 into low Earth orbit. It was part of the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) mission of three NASA satellites. The spacecraft carried three instruments. Two of them were to measure Earth’s radiative energy, while the third was installed to measure stratospheric components.

The United States Department of Defense has said that this satellite will pass over several continents. He will first travel through Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and then North and South America. The special thing is that the satellite
It was released only for 2 years to give information about terrestrial radiation. The satellite worked until 2005 instead of 2 years.

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