5000 corpses buried together in this city of Turkey, the heart will cry after seeing the tragedy of the earthquake; video

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Bodies buried together in the city of Kahramanmaras

Turkey: 8 days have passed since the catastrophe in Turkey-Syria. The deluge so far has claimed more than 34 thousand lives and thousands of people are injured. More than 65 countries of the world including India are conducting rescue operations in Turkey. Bodies continue to emerge from the rubble. The Turkish city of Kahramanmaras is the most affected by the earthquake. There is no place left to bury the bodies after the great death here, so the mass cremation of 5000 corpses was carried out. Not only that, in order to bury these corpses, a part of the forest present here was cut down and turned into a graveyard.

Day eight of the earthquake… how many breaths under the rubble?

5000 corpses were buried together in the cemetery here and a long line of corpses is still visible. Dead bodies have been placed on the ground and people are waiting in line. Due to the great devastation here, the death toll is continually rising and the situation is getting worse. The rubble removal work and the process of exhuming the corpses are still continuing. It may take a few more days to clear the rubble, so the death toll may rise even higher.

A part of the forest was cut down to make a cemetery.


A part of the forest was cut down to make a cemetery.

Teams from 65 countries came together to help
Meanwhile, India has again sent relief supplies to both Turkey and Syria. Turkey India’s C-17 Globemaster has so far landed 7 times at Adana and Gaziantep airbases with relief supplies. At present, 5 lakh 90 thousand people in Turkey are living in relief camps due to the earthquake. Along with Turkey, many countries in the world are also making arrangements for their food and drink. At that time, India is helping these displaced people from Turkey in every way, be it medical service or their food. Winter is also getting severe in Turkey, so this time the Globemaster that landed at the Adana airbase also has a blanket.

turkey earthquake


6000 corpses were buried together in the cemetery

Turkey and Syria More than 65 countries are helping in this deadly earthquake. The United States, which calls itself the most powerful country in the world, has also sent relief supplies to Turkey. The United States has given $85 million in aid to Turkey and Syria. Turkey was already under the burden of inflation. The economic situation was not good but in these 8 days not only the life in Turkey has become useless but also there has been a great loss.

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