58 Madras High Court Support Advocate Lakshman Chandra Victoria Gowri writes to the High Court College

College of the Supreme Court: After protesting against the Collegium’s recommendation to make lawyer Laxman Chandra Victoria Gauri a judge at the Madras High Court, 58 lawyers from the Madurai Division of the Madras High Court have written a letter to the Supreme Court in support of her. In the letter, the opposition of the Madras High Court lawyers group to make Gauri a judge is rejected.

58 lawyers have said in their letter to the Supreme Court that as Deputy Attorney General of India (Bank of Madurai), Gauri has contributed to the development of the law. Along with this, it has also been said that Supreme Court lawyers have also been appointed as judges in the past, who have had political backgrounds.

21 lawyers protested
Earlier, 21 lawyers from the Madras High Court had written to President Draupadi Murmu, requesting him to return the file containing the High Court College’s recommendation for the appointment of Laxman Chandra Victoria Gauri as a High Court judge.

The lawyers had written that Victoria Gauri had made malicious comments about the minority community. Lawyers had argued that these comments reflected Gauri’s regressive views and deep-seated religious intolerance, which made her ineligible for appointment as a High Court judge.

old interview became a problem
The lawyers also cited an interview given to RSS on Victoria Gauri’s YouTube channel entitled: ‘What is the biggest threat to national security and peace? Jihad or Christian missionary?” In this interview she can be heard calling Christianity ‘White Terror’. Also referring to another video titled ‘Cultural Genocide by Christian Missionaries in India – Victoria Gauri’, it has been said that she has a feeling antagonism towards minorities.

Who is Victoria Gauri?
In a letter written opposing the appointment, the lawyers alleged that Victoria Gauri was described as Mahila Morcha’s national secretary in a 2010 BJP press release. Alongside this, she has also linked a Twitter account of hers which is no longer present. In it, Gauri has shown himself as a BJP worker.

Gauri’s name is included among the 5 lawyers recommended by the bar to be judges of the Madras High Court. According to her social media accounts and speeches of hers available on her YouTube, she has been the national secretary of the women’s wing of the BJP. However, there is no information on whether she is currently associated with BJP or not.

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