800 Indian words listed in the Oxford Dictionary

Posted By: Anwesha Adhikary | Posted: Feb 1, 2023 7:01 pm| Updated: February 1, 2023 7:01 pm

800 Indian words included in the Oxford Dictionary |  Sangbad Pratidin

Daily digital news desk: A total of 800 Indian words were listed in the Oxford Dictionary. That list includes many Indian words like ‘Desh’, ‘Bindas’, ‘Diya’. According to the British dictionary, after England and America, Indian English is given importance. But not the written dictionary, but the Indian words have a place in the audio dictionary. Apart from India, a total of 16 English words have been saved in this Oxford Audio Dictionary.

This audio dictionary was started by Oxford University Press since 2016. Apart from Great Britain and America, Oxford took the initiative to include the vocabulary of all countries where people speak English in its dictionary. The editor of this organization, Catherine Sangster, said: “Along with the United States and Great Britain, Indian English is very important to us.”

[আরও পড়ুন: চিন সফরে মার্কিন বিদেশ সচিব ব্লিঙ্কেন, রাশিয়া-ইউক্রেন যুদ্ধ নিয়ে আলোচনায় দুই মহাশক্তি]

Choosing Indian English words for the audio dictionary was quite difficult, says Katharine. But finally the authorities at Oxford University Press were very happy to put so many Indian words together in the dictionary. The reason given is that the culture of different countries emerges through their language. Together, the cultures and words of all countries will enrich the English language.

Indian words like desh, bindas, diya, bachcha, almari are in the Oxford dictionary. These words will be heard first in the audio dictionary. Then see the meaning of these words in the English language. Apart from India, local words from countries like New Zealand and the West Indies are also taken in this dictionary. With these words, the English language will reach more people, the Oxford authorities hope.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘প্রার্থনায় হামলা ভারতে হয় না, এমনটা পাকিস্তানেই সম্ভব’, বিস্ফোরক পাক প্রতিরক্ষা মন্ত্রী]

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