Abdul Satar | ‘Let the minister grow hemp instead of grapes…’ Farmers make strange demand of Abdul Sattar, who came on tour


Nashik: It has been raining continuously for two weeks in some parts of Maharashtra. Because of this, agriculture has suffered greatly. Farmers in Nashik district also suffered heavy losses due to the rains. In such a situation, farmers demand compensation from the government.

At the same time, farmers are already angry that they are not being compensated for the soybean harvest. After this, the Minister of Agriculture’s afternoon round was delayed by about three hours, so the waiting farmers became more aggressive. Meanwhile, the Niphad farmers of Nashik surrounded Abdul Sattar.

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State Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar is due to visit Nashik on Tuesday afternoon. His visit was delayed about three hours. Abdul Sattar was on his way to visit some villages in the Nashik district. He was the one who knew the pain of the peasants. The farmers hoped that they would be assured of solid compensation. However, something happened during Abdul Sattar’s visit that is now being discussed everywhere.

Abdul Sattar’s visit was delayed by more than three hours. This increased the anger of the farmers. After this, the Minister of Agriculture went to a single village in Niphad taluka. So the farmer seemed angrier.

Abdul Sattar went and inspected the grape field in just five minutes. He did a photo shoot, spoke to the media, and left after having some tea. Meanwhile, the farmers surrounded Abdul Sattar asking him questions. Some farmers have also angrily demanded to the Minister of Agriculture, we can’t grow grapes now, please allow us to grow cannabis. On the other hand, when Abdul Sattar did not give any concrete assurance when asking when they would receive the compensation, the farmers became agitated.

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