AC Local Train Updates | Western Railway needs more AC local trains, huge rush of passengers

AC Local Train

Mumbai: The demand for AC local trains on Western Railway is continuously increasing. Local AC service has now become popular and the common local is called the Mumbai Lifeline. With the aim of providing safety and pleasant travel service to Mumbaikars, the first AC outlet was started on 25th December 2017. Today local 79 AC services run on the Western Railway.

It is said that in the month of last January around 25 lakh people traveled by local AC of Western Railway. In the morning and afternoon rush hours, there is a large crowd in the AC venue together with the common venue. In view of the increasing number of passengers and data, a change in the CA service has also become necessary. According to Western Railway, there is a requirement for 40 AC rakes in the near future. AC venues have become extremely popular with travelers.

Demand to start from Bhayandar

Local AC operates between Churchgate a Virar and Borivali. Similarly, there is a demand to leave local AC from Bhayandar and other major stations in the morning and evening. There is a huge rush of passengers on local AC from Bhayander and Mirarod stations in the morning and evening. Yunus Shaikh, who commutes to Miraroad daily, said that the AC outlet coming from Virar is still full. Every day there is a fight between the passengers regarding boarding and disembarking.

studies are being done

Regarding the crowding that occurs in local AC, railway officials say that work is underway to change AC train services on the basis of passenger pattern and crowding. There is now a need for more local AC services, but no new flea markets are available yet. It is worth noting that the removal of the local Borivali AC morning service in the past had the opposite effect. This made the passengers very angry. With the introduction of more local AC services, passengers who regularly travel first class are giving preference to local AC.

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work new hours

Demand for local AC has increased more on the Western Railway than on the Central Railway. The number of people traveling with a season pass is also in the thousands. It was said that following the instructions of Western Railway General Manager Ashok Kumar Mishra, work is underway to make a new schedule for local AC, so that more passengers can get their benefit. By the way, until new rakes are found, the local AC crowd will not be reduced. Mumbai common place is also getting crowded like before Corona.

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