Accident | An accident occurred due to a rollover of a tractor in Mangla Devi, the host minister Sanjay Rathod ran for help


yavatmal, The accident occurred when the tractor overturned at a distance of one kilometer from the Mangla Devi village of Ner tehsil. Wardens Minister Sanjay Rathod took the injured from the accident to hospital in Swayam’s vehicle. According to the information received, the Guardian Minister Sanjay Rathod was on his way to his planned program in Ner Tehsil. At the same time, he found out about the accident.

The host minister, without the slightest delay, immediately transferred the injured to the Rural Hospital of Ner in his official vehicle. From there, the injured were referred to the Yavatmal district hospital for further treatment. Guardian Minister Rathod kept an eye on the patient’s condition. At the same time, after contacting the concerned doctor, he informed about how to help the accident victim.

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