Accident | Two died in a freak accident, the incident occurred at the Deulgaon Raja bypass

Maharashtra A car collided with a truck on the Mumbai-Pune highway, three people were killed in a terrible accident

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raise, Husband and wife were killed in a bizarre incident with a speeding van at the district’s Deulgaon Raja bypass, while a teenager and the driver in the cab of the vehicle narrowly escaped. The accident happened Friday night.

According to the information received, Bhagwan Kakad (40), a resident of Pimpalgaon village in Tehsil, was on his way from Deulgaon Raja to Pimpalgaon in a van along with his family. At that time his son was sitting near the driver. While Bhagwan Kakad and his wife were sitting behind in the cart. In front of the Veera Hotel, located on the Deulgaon Raja Ring Road, the fast-moving pick-up truck suddenly got stuck backwards and the cab came off and fell.

During this, Kasabai Kakar (40), a passenger in the carriage, died on the spot after falling from the carriage. While Lord Kakad was severely injured in this accident. As soon as the police got information about the incident, the police arrived at the scene and sent the injured Bhagwan to Jalna for treatment but Bhagwan died in the middle of the road. The driver and the son of Bhagwan Kakad, who were in the cab of the van, narrowly escaped. Other than minor injuries, there were no other injuries. This strange incident is discussed on campus.

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