Action on illegal slums. Deep impact of Raj Thackeray’s speech! Bulldozer mounted on 50 illegal slum in Mahim Chowpatty



Maharashtra/Mumbai: Like every year on the occasion of Padwa, this year the MNS Padwa meeting was also organized, the speech delivered by Raj Thackeray in this meeting is still being discussed and its direct effect is being seen on the people of Maharashtra for the past two days. . Yes, where yesterday action was taken against the unauthorized tomb built on the Mahim premises, now after 50 unauthorized huts adjacent to Mahim Chowpatty have been demolished. Let us know what the full news is…

such action

According to the information received, this action has been taken in accordance with the letter of the Deputy Collector of Mumbai. A strong police force was deployed during this operation. On March 22, the Mumbai Resident Deputy Collector delivered a letter to the municipality regarding the immediate demolition of the illegal construction near Mahim Chowpatty. By virtue of this, action has been taken today on this matter. What people are saying the effect of Raj Thackeray’s speech.

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Bulldozer mounted on 50 unauthorized shacks

According to this letter, under the direction of Ramakant Biradar, Deputy Commissioner of ‘Circle 2’ and under the leadership of Prashant Sapkale, Assistant Commissioner of Northern Division, he arrived there on Thursday morning during this action, in which 40 to 50 unauthorized cabins in the area have been razed to the ground.

Maharashtra government in action mode

During this tour, a strict police force was deployed in Mahim division to prevent any adverse incident. In addition, a team consisting of the Resident Deputy Collector of the City of Mumbai was present during these proceedings. In this way, the administration has promptly taken action regarding construction done in unauthorized places. People give credit to Rah Thackeray for this as the topic of unauthorized construction has been raised solely by Raj Thackeray.

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