Adani Hindenburg Case | “If there is no objection from the commission to the Hindenburg report, then why the JPC’s refusal”, Congress questions the central government

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New Delhi: Congress on Monday challenged the government’s position in the Supreme Court on the Hindenburg Research report against the Adani group that if the government had no objections to the inquiry committee, then it refused to establish a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). you do it.

Party general secretary Jairam Ramesh also sarcastically asked whether the proposed committee would investigate Hindenburg or Adani. He tweeted: “Today in the Supreme Court, the Attorney General said that the government has no objection to the formation of a committee to investigate the Hindenburg Report on Adani. So why was there a clear refusal to form a JPC, in which the BJP and its allies would have dominated?” Ramesh tweeted: “Would the proposed committee investigate Hindenburg or Adani?”

It should be noted that the Central Government told the Supreme Court in the context of the Hindenburg Report that it has no objections to the proposal to form a committee of experts to strengthen the regulatory mechanism. On the other hand, Jairam Ramesh asked some questions to the government and the Prime Minister on Monday as in recent days in the framework of the ‘Hum Adani Ke Hain Kaun’ series of the Congress.

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He asked: “How did SEBI tolerate the huge rise in Adani Group shares after 2020 without investigation, when such a matter needs serious investigation?” He said recent revelations indicate that convicted stockbroker Ketan Parekh may have ties to the Adani group. A close relative of his has worked with ‘Elara Capital’, whose Indian fund has invested 99 per cent in Adani’s shares.”

He asked if the government was turning a blind eye to the latest link between Parekh and Adani. Referring to the JPC formation in the past, he asked, “Are you (PM) scared?” Are you afraid that having an independent investigation will expose you to Adani’s misdeeds?”

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