Adil Khan became this girl’s boyfriend leaving Rakhi Sawant in tears, the actress said what didn’t happen to the wife…

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Rakhi Sawant looks very upset for the past few days. Let us tell you that after getting married, she is in a lot of arguments. After marrying Rakhi, husband Adil Khan Durrani is now getting closer to another girl. Rakhi has recently revealed this. Rakhi said that another girl has made a place for herself in Adil’s life.

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Rakhi recently shared a video in which he takes the name of a girl named Tanu. Rakhi said that Adil left me and left. Adil is not trying to understand. Rakhi said that God should never do this to any child. While Rakhi said that my mother died because of Adil. Adil accepts that he is in a relationship with Tanu. Rakhi said that Adil left me and went with that girl. Rakhi said that I gave many chances but now finally Adil has left me and gone with that girl. I want to see that Tanu Jo Biwi Ka Nahi Hota Woh Tera Bhi Nahi Hoga, Challenge. He has been with me for a year, today I have chest pain, my husband has been taken from me, my husband is gone. I have all the audios, videos that you abused me. Because you had Adil’s support. Now I have presented myself openly in front of the media, in front of the public.

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After watching this video, fans are trolling Adil a lot. One user said that Adil should be ashamed of being a Muslim, he has sworn falsely on Quran Sharif. Be afraid of Allah. One said Shaitan Adil Shaitan. One said, Rakhi ji, if he comes back, don’t accept him. Tripping him, reminding him of his state, you don’t forgive Adil. Rakhi don’t look back he goes ahead and punish her. We are all with you.

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