After winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Argentina team will take to the field for the first time, it will be a match against

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The Argentine national team is on cloud nine after winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The Argentine national team won the FIFA World Cup title for the first time under the captaincy of Lionel Messi. After achieving this victory, the team has not yet returned to the field.

Nowadays, people like to post all the information on social media. People keep adopting unique ways to post on social media and go viral. These days, people are crazy to get special photo shoots even before marriage. People find more than one place for the photo session. Some go to expensive resorts or villas, some like Royal Rajasthani style and some go abroad and have pre-wedding photo shoots.

There is one of those couples who had a photo shoot as proof of being connected to their land that went wildly viral on social media. This pre-wedding photo shoot is of a couple seen covered in mud. Couple has struck many poses wrapped in mud. This couple belongs to the city of Ormoc, Philippines. The age of this couple is 24 years old, whose name is Johnsy Gutierrez and Ime Borinaga. Both belong to the peasant family.

To show their roots in their pre-wedding photo shoot, they decided to do this special and one of a kind pre-wedding photo shoot. His images were highly appreciated on social media. Photos of both of them are constantly going viral. Both have shown through their photos that they have a lot of love for nature and are completely connected to their roots. Both have tried to show their simplicity and love through this session, which has been liked by users.

The couple says that it was very difficult to carry out this photo session. Looking at the photos, it seems that taking photos in the mud will be quite fun. But it is very difficult to walk in the mud, while every farmer has to walk in the mud bending his back for hours to do tillage, thus complaining of severe pain in the waist and back. The same feeling is felt when planting rice straw even in the scorching heat. Even after facing so many problems, the farmer does his job without complaining and grows grains.

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