Akshay Kumar put his foot on the map of India wearing a shoe, users heard the criticism, see the VIDEO

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Fans really like Bollywood player Akshay Kumar. Recently, the actor has shared a video, after which people troll him. Akshay Kumar shared the video and said that we will go on a North American tour, but sharing this video proved costly for Akshay Kumar.

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Sharing this video, Akshay Kumar wrote: The animators are ready to bring 100% entertainment to North America. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re here in March. Disha Patni, Sonam Bajwa and Mouni Roy are also seen in this video along with Akshay Kumar. In the video, the actor and actress are seen walking on the globe. After watching this video, one user wrote: Brother, at least respect our India. One said seeing you walk on our respected map, what would Boycott’s gang say? One said brother i love indian political map every morning i am a political science student. You stood on India wearing that shoe.

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Canadian actor Akshay Kumar has given a shoe on the map in India. This shows that they only care about his country, Canada, and that the printing of products is from India! We Sanatani boycotted it. You shouldn’t have set foot on the map of India. Very badly. Delete it This is an insult to the country. You should not set foot on the map of any country. Akshay Kumar’s Selfie movie is scheduled to open in theaters on February 24.

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