America F 22 fighter jet shot down a Chinese spy balloon with a single missile

The US shot down a Chinese spy balloon: The United States has taken a big action regarding China’s spy balloon. The Joe Biden administration shot down a Chinese spy balloon off the Carolina coast. The balloon was shot down by a missile fired from the F-22 fighter jet. US President Joe Biden has congratulated the Pentagon.

The Chinese spy balloon was first seen over the nuclear site in the US. After this it was also shown in Latin America. The United States was keeping a close eye on this Chinese balloon. The Pentagon had claimed that China is spying through this balloon.

US shoots down Chinese spy balloon

According to the AP news agency, America has confirmed that the Chinese balloon was shot down. US Air Force fighter jets shot down this spy balloon. According to a statement from the US Secretary of Defense, the fighter jet shot down a Chinese balloon over the water off the coast of South Carolina. The operation to remove the rubble continues.

There were no weapons on the balloon, right?

The leader of the opposition in the United States, James Comer, expressed his fear that there were no biological weapons on this globe. He also lashed out at the Biden administration, saying how did this balloon get into the United States under their noses? The North Atlantic Aerospace Defense Command working in the US and Canada and the US Northern Command were monitoring it. NORAD had not previously considered it a threat to civil and military aircraft.

Blinken canceled his trip to Beijing

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has canceled a visit to China after spy balloons were observed in his country’s airspace. Blinken had said about the Chinese spy balloon that it is a clear violation of our sovereignty. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had said that President Joe Biden was first briefed on the spy balloon on Tuesday (January 31) and was in constant contact with the national security team, taking updates.

China had given clarifications about the spy balloon

China also clarified the US claim to the balloon. Xi Jinping’s government had said that it is a civilian balloon and that it is being used for climate-related research work. It has been lost in US airspace. The Chinese Foreign Ministry had said: “We have never violated the territory or airspace of any sovereign country. The United States has exaggerated this to smear China, to which we oppose.”

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