America | I challenge US security agencies, the intruder who arrived at the base of Biden’s special plane ‘Air Force One’



Washington: The intruder once again entered the highly sensitive military base with the presence of the US President’s special plane ‘Air Force One’. However, this time a ‘resident’ opened fire on the intruder. Joint Base Enduse (JBA) gave this information in a statement on Monday. Joint Base Andrews said in a statement posted on Twitter that the incident occurred at approximately 11:30 a.m. and during the incident a person “trespassed” into the JBA housing area.

According to the statement, “a ‘resident’ (who lives there) opened fire. Security personnel rushed to the scene to apprehend the intruder and the investigating officer is looking into the matter.” Joint Base Andrews is home to many of the blue planes and targets of the presidential fleet, including Air Force One, Marine One and the 747 “Doomsday,” which can serve as the nation’s airborne nuclear command and control center if necessary.

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The Air Force said Monday it had nothing further to say about the intrusion on Monday after Andrews’ statement. This is not the first time airport security has been breached. Also in February 2021, a man broke through security cordons and boarded a C-40 aircraft, which is similar to the military’s 737 used to fly with government officials. (agency)

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