Another Earth-like planet found! Here only 16 days is 1 year

Is there any other planet in space besides Earth where life exists or is it likely to flourish? This is a very important question for space scientists. Because such a question must have arisen in the minds of every person who is interested in space, is there a possibility of life somewhere other than Earth? The answer has been found, and the answer is reportedly: Yes! Scientists have spoken of an exoplanet where the possibility of life has been found.

Space scientists have discovered an exoplanet where the heat is less and there has also been much talk about the possibility of life. The name of this exoplanet is Wolf 1069b. Exoplanets are planets that exist outside of our Solar System but revolve around a star in the same way that the planets in our Solar System revolve around the Sun. Wolf 1069b is located 31 light-years from Earth. It is almost similar to Earth.

Giving information about it, scientist Diana Kosakovaki of Germany’s Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) said that it is revolving around its star, and the team hopes there is a good chance that it has an atmosphere. Diana said not much ultraviolet radiation is known to be present on the exoplanet, so it’s quite possible that its atmosphere remains. This study has been published in Astronomy & Astrophysics. According to which it is known that Wolf 1069b is as much as Earth in size and weight. It completes one orbit of its star in 15.6 days. That is to say, the earth that revolves around 365 days, completes it only in about 16 days.

The study says that even though it is very close to its star, it is receiving only 65% ​​of the radiation that the earth is receiving from its star, that is, the Sun. That is why its surface is cold. It is orange to see. This suggests that there is less heat in it. According to Diana, there may be a chance for life to flourish on a star orbiting a red dwarf star, even if it orbits its star much closer than Earth. Scientists have used an instrument called CARMENES to search for other similar planets so that more planets with the possibility of life like Earth can be discovered.

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