APMC Vashi | Pulses became more expensive, arrival decreased, price will keep increasing until Holi

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Navi Mumbai: The arrival of pulses and pulses has slowed down at the Mumbai Farmers Market Committee grain market located in Vashi, as wholesale prices for all pulses and pulses have now exceeded Rs 100 per kg, while many The price of pulses has reached 120 to 150 rupees per kg. Traders conducting wholesale business of pulses and pulses in the grain market say that the prices of pulses and pulses will keep rising until Holi. These rates are likely to drop after Holi when new products start to appear on the market.

Traders said that usually new pulses and pulses started coming into the market after Diwali, but right now the number of pulses and pulses arriving after Diwali at the Mumbai Farmers Market Committee wholesale market (APMC) located in Vashi is very high. less. The amount of imported legumes in the market is lower. Because of this, you are seeing less quantity of pulses in both the APMC wholesale and retail markets. Therefore, the process of increasing the prices of legumes and legumes has begun.

white wall (containers) broken in the market

Significantly, in legumes, the price of the white wall (bins) is the one that has increased the most. Six months ago its wholesale price was Rs 150 per kg and now it has become Rs 200 per kg. Their arrival is much lower, so many traders are not getting to see the white wall (containers). In the next 10-15 days, white and other colored containers are likely to start arriving in the market from Alibaug in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. After which the traders are estimating the reduction of their prices.

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Now there are old stocks on the market. The new product of the new year has begun to arrive on the market that the price of legumes will be affordable. This arrival is going to increase after Holi. That is why until then the prices of pulses will remain unchanged.

Khimji Bhai Gajra, merchant, APMC

Wholesale price of pulses and legumes in rupees per kg.

  • Peas: 104 to 120
  • Matki: 90 to 110
  • Chhoti Chawli: 156 to 160
  • Great Chawli: 105 to 130
  • Chickpeas: 120 to 156
  • WALL: 180 to 200
  • Moong Dal: 102 to 120
  • Toor Dal: 100 to 125
  • Urad Dal: 104 to 120

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