Army watching the enemy in Ladakh with the patrolling of soldiers and technology. Along with the Army, Air Force and Navy are also ready to respond to China in LAC, patrol in Ladakh intensifies

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Indian Army in LAC (File)

New Delhi. The troops are patrolling along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. Elsewhere, enemies are being monitored through technology. The Indian Army stands ready to give a proper response to any aggressive action by China. The Indian army said on Tuesday that it would give an appropriate response to any aggressive action by China in the Ladakh sector. In order to maintain the integrity and security of the country, along with the patrolling of the soldiers, technical means are surely being used. Saying this, the army has also denied all those claims, where it was said that the army has stopped patrolling in many LAC points and left it to China. The army has made it clear that soldiers are continuously patrolling the LAC, other points are also being monitored through technology.

The ‘Commanding Chief General Officer’ of the Army Northern Command, Lt. Gen. Upendra Dwivedi, said these things during a program at the Badami Bagh cantonment area. He also said that the Russia-Ukraine war has left many lessons, such as the use of disruptive and dual-use technologies. Our response to China’s attempts to unilaterally change the status quo in LAC is swift, bold and coordinated action by the Indian Armed Forces. That is, if China takes some kind of unilateral action, it will not be okay. The Indian Army stands ready to give a proper response to any action by China at any time.

The Navy together with the Army and the Air Force are ready to respond to China

The Lt. Gen. said that not only the Army, but also the Air Force and Navy are fully prepared to give an adequate response to any aggressive plan or effort by China. The three forces will calculate China’s every move with full coordination and firm intent. He said that measures to resolve the situation in the LSC at the diplomatic and operational levels are underway simultaneously. Lieutenant General Dwivedi said: “I assure you that (our) troops are patrolling the LAC in eastern Ladakh and technical means are being used there as well.

The army accepts each new challenge

Our territorial integrity is being ensured. Preparedness and morale in Northern Command are at a high level to face the constantly evolving threats and challenges. The security situation on the northern and western borders, especially in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, is facing multiple challenges from different adversaries in the region. We are committed to safeguarding India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity while upholding the nation’s democratic traditions. “We are on constant vigil, monitoring all developments and will take all necessary measures to safeguard our national interests.” The army commander noted that cyber and space have emerged as new battlefields.

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