Arrested for kissing ‘for being black’?

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September 16, 2014

daniel watts

image Source, fake images

Actress Danielle Watts wrote on Facebook on September 11 that she was pulled over while kissing her boyfriend in a car in Los Angeles.

At the time she was in her car with her boyfriend Brian James Lucas. She is black while her boyfriend Lucas is white.

This is all factual, but what follows is controversial.

According to Variety magazine, “Studio City police mistook the couple for prostitution. Watts refused to show police her identification and was handcuffed.”

‘racist action’

In the photo posted on Facebook, she is crying while standing on the sidewalk.

After this, the police put them in the car. He wrote: “I was sitting in the back seat of the police car. My wrist was in a lot of pain.”

This image was liked by 6,500 people and shared 4,000 times.

Richard Carroll wrote on Facebook: “I am deeply saddened by what happened to you. It was a racist act.”

Los Angeles police said in a statement that they were taking action after receiving a phone call complaining of “spreading obscenities.”


daniel watts

image Source, FACEBOOK

“Further investigation revealed that no crime has been committed. An internal investigation has been launched,” police said.

Charlton McIlwain, an associate professor of media at New York University, told BBC Trending that the photo of Watts in handcuffs has divided people.

He said: “There are many who will tell the police immediately upon seeing this photo, but there are also many who will tell you that it was an unfortunate incident. For many decades, if not centuries, this image of African-Americans and crime has dominated the Americans”. floor.”

He said: “This means we haven’t been able to travel as much as we thought.”

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