Asteroid alert! 2 space rocks the size of a plane and a house are approaching the earth, will there be havoc?

Asteroids continue to come closer to Earth. One after another, many space rocks are approaching our planet. Some of these are very large in size and also potentially dangerous. The US Space Agency continues to issue alerts on these asteroids. Tomorrow, that is, December 9, two asteroids are approaching our planet. The size of one of these is that of an airplane, while the other is equal to a house. Please let us know how big of a threat both asteroids can pose to our planet.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has said that tomorrow, Friday, two asteroids will come close to our Earth. The first of them is the Asteroid (2022 XJ). It belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids and has a size of 51 feet, which is equivalent to a house. It approaches Earth at a stormy speed of about 10 kilometers per second and can pass Earth from a distance of 2.6 million kilometers. Although its size is not so much that it can harm the earth. Despite this, scientists will follow it to the end, because asteroids can change direction at any time.

The second asteroid to come close to Earth is (2022 WP11). This asteroid, belonging to the Apollo group itself, is larger. It measures about 230 feet, that is, as long as an airplane. It is coming towards our planet at a speed of 17 kilometers per second. When it is closest to Earth, then the distance between the two will be only 4.5 million kilometers. NASA has included both asteroids in the category of potentially dangerous.

However, due to this, no damage to the land is expected. Scientists will monitor these asteroids in order to estimate their direction. If an asteroid hits the earth, it can bring great destruction. Millions of years ago, the extinction of the dinosaurs on our earth was also due to an asteroid collision. The special thing is that both asteroids have been discovered this year.

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