Asteroid the size of a commercial airplane moving towards the earth at a speed of 51 thousand kilometers per hour! NASA Warning

Surely you have often heard of asteroids or meteorites. NASA has released information about an asteroid coming very close to Earth. Asteroids are celestial bodies that continually revolve around our solar system in space. Just as other planets in the solar system revolve around the Sun, these asteroids also revolve around the Sun or some other planet. Sometimes it happens that due to the gravity of another planet, their direction changes, and they begin to move in another direction. Similarly, sometimes its direction also turns towards the earth. Now another asteroid is moving fast towards earth. Let us tell you what NASA has said about it.

The NASA space agency (NASA) has issued a warning of a large meteorite coming very close to Earth. Its size is said to be 110 feet. Its name is 2022 WK9 and it is moving rapidly towards Earth. Today, that is, by December 7, NASA has issued a warning of its closest approach to Earth. According to, the speed of this meteorite is 51472 kilometers per hour. NASA has said that when it gets closer to Earth, its distance will be around 23 lakh kilometers. The size of the asteroid is said to be as large as that of a commercial airplane.

The interesting thing is that this asteroid was only recently discovered. It was discovered by space scientists on November 28. It is said that it revolves around the sun and takes 543 days to complete one revolution, while the earth completes the revolution of the sun in 365 days. That is, it is orbiting the Sun in almost twice the time. When it is furthest from the sun it is 289 million kilometers, and when it gets closer it is 101 million kilometers.

2022 WK9 belongs to the Apollo Group. Astronaut Karl Reinmuth discovered this group in the 1930s. This group is the closest group of meteorite bodies orbiting Earth. NASA has not issued any warnings about the impact of asteroid WK9 2022 against Earth, but when a meteor of such a large size approaches Earth, the agency issues an alert, because this meteorite is under the influence of Earth’s gravity. . and they turn directly towards the earth, which is why they are considered a danger. Thousands of years ago, these asteroids are also believed to have been the reason for the extinction of giant creatures such as dinosaurs from land. These have the potential to cause great damage to a planet.


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