Astonishing: Scientists Discovered 1 Lakh New Virus Types, Samples Taken From Soil, Sea, Sewage, Geyser

More than 100 scientists from all over the world together have discovered around one lakh of new types of viruses, which were not known until now. This study has been carried out by the University of Tel Aviv, which states that after this discovery, the number of RNA viruses has increased by about 9 times. Scientists have reportedly discovered a lakh new viruses in samples of soil, lakes and other ecosystems, which is unprecedented. Institutes from all over the world cooperated in this study.

The study suggests that this discovery may help in the development of antimicrobial drugs and protect against fungi and parasites harmful to agriculture.

The study was conducted by doctoral student Uri Neri under the direction of Uri Gofna, Professor of Life Sciences at Tel Aviv University. In addition to the American research organizations NIH and JGI, France’s Institut Pasteur also cooperated in the study. The study, published in the journal Cell, included data collected from more than 100 scientists from around the world.

Uri Neri said that samples were collected from all over the world during the study. These samples were taken from oceans, soil, sewage, and even geysers. The researchers used new computer techniques to detect RNA viruses. Study says that viruses are genetic parasites. This means that they must infect a living cell in order to replicate their genetic information, produce new viruses, and complete the infection cycle.

Some viruses are disease-causing agents and can harm humans, such as the coronavirus. Despite this, most viruses do not harm us. Some live inside our bodies, but do no harm. The study tells how much spread of viruses in our world, especially RNA viruses.

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