At KIYG2022, Shubham, who is from a farming family, won the Bronze Medal.

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The Khelo India Games are being organized in Madhya Pradesh. In these games, the youngsters have given many medals to their names for their strong performance. Shubham, a native of Pune, Maharashtra, also accomplished the feat by winning a bronze medal in weightlifting.

indore. Maharashtrian weightlifter Shubham Vijay Kalbhor is elated after winning the bronze medal in the men’s 61kg category at the Khelo India Junior Games on Tuesday. Kalbhor lifted a total of 240kg in the snatch and clean and jerk and finished third at the Khelo India Junior Games. He said I did my best. If he had lifted a little more weight, he could have won the silver medal.

Next time I will play with better preparation. Kalbhor said that his family is engaged in agriculture in the rural area near Pune in Maharashtra and grows and sells vegetables. He said that I used to play kickboxing before. My uncle inspired me to start lifting weights. Kalbhor said he took weightlifting training in his town for two years and then learned the tricks of the sport at a government training center. His grandfather Tukaram Maruti Kalbhor had also come to Indore to support this young player from Maharashtra at the Khelo India Youth Games.

When asked for a reaction to Kalbhor’s success, his grumpy grandfather said you see the smile on our faces. We are all very happy. Shubham is the first player in our entire family to have reached this stage. In the men’s 61kg category at the Khelo India Junior Games, Shankar Lapung from Arunachal Pradesh won the gold medal with a 248kg combined lift in the snatch and clean and jerk, while Siddhanta Gogoi from Assam won the silver medal with a single lift total of 243 kg. .

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