At the alert of the FBI, the Kolkata police arrested the international cybercrime operator. Kolkata Police Arrest International Cybercrime Operative On FBI Alert

Digital Desk, Calcutta. Kolkata police arrested an international cybercrime agent from the city after being alerted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The defendant used to trick US citizens sitting in Kolkata using spoof call technique of identity. Sijan Ali Haider was arrested at his residence on Gorachand Road below Beniyapukur Road in central Kolkata, a city police officer said on Thursday. However, the official did not disclose the time of the arrest.

A few months ago, a 91-year-old American man was attacked by someone in Kolkata using the phishing calling app, TextNow, according to information provided by the US intelligence agency FBI and the Security Service to the Department’s Cyber ​​Crime Department. of Cyber ​​Crimes. Calcutta Police.

Posing as a representative of a software company, the defendant defrauded an elderly US citizen of approximately $86,000 by offering to sell him vital software. In November last year, the city’s police officer said, the FBI contacted the Kolkata Police Cyber ​​Crime Division and also provided them with the suspected IP addresses. Officials from the Cyber ​​Crime Division began their investigation and eventually tracked down the defendant, Sijan Ali Haider.

The city police officer said that he has confessed to his crime. He first collected information on several sensitive US citizens using advanced techniques and then contacted them using phishing call platforms. He is being investigated further to track down his other associates. The police obtained permission from the court to keep the defendant in custody until January 13.

Source: IANS

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