Auto Expo 2023: 200 kmph electric bike unveiled at Auto Expo | Electric bike that runs at 200 km per hour presented at Auto Expo, the features will surprise you

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The speed of 200 km / h can be found on the F99 from Ultraviolet

Auto Expo 2023: Many vehicles have been unveiled at Auto Expo 2023, information is given on everything from price to features. By the way, if there is something different this year, it is electric vehicles. Electric bikes from different companies have amazing features, but today we will tell you about an electric bike that can run at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. Let’s know it in detail.

The name of this company is Ultraviolet. Ultraviolette has unveiled a new electric motorcycle platform concept at Auto Expo 2023. Dubbed the F99 Factory Racing Platform, the concept is capable of being highly customizable and built for track racing. The F99 is India’s first all-electric motorsports-oriented machine and has been attracting attention for its aviation design and racing appeal.

F99 Features

Let us tell you that F99 is one of the second high speed bikes in India. Talking about the speed of this bike, it can be 200 kmph. On the other hand, speaking of the engine, this bike can give a maximum power of 65 BHP. The speed of this bike can only be increased with the help of stem.

How different will the F99 bike be from the F77 bike?

A lot of changes have been made to the F99 bike compared to the F77. The F99 has a focused riding position, adjustable rear footpegs, and a slimmer, stiffer seat to modify driving ergonomics.

Another feature of this bike is that it helps reduce weight. The body panels of the motorcycle are made of carbon fiber. At the same time, winglets have been added to the bodywork to reduce the effect of wind. In addition to these, a tuned braking system has also been added along with Brembo master cylinder and Pirelli Supercorsa tires. This will give it good grip compared to the F77 on a particular race track.

F77 Price

Talking about the price, the F77 bike price starts from Rs 3.8 lakh. At the same time, there has been no talk about the price of the F99 bike.

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