Bangalore With Pink Flower Drone Stunning Viral Video With Karnataka Train

Bangalore Video Trending: These days the streets of Bangalore are filled with pink flowers. Cherry blossom season is in full swing in the city, blooming from January to March. These flowers are flowers of foreign origin called “Tabibuea Rosea”. At this time the whole city is bustling with these pink flowers, of which a beautiful video has been captured through a drone, which will be mesmerized to see them.

This video, which is going viral, has been shared by a photographer named Raj Mohan on his Twitter account, in which the beautiful image of the city of Bangalore has emerged, it looks beautiful as well as very romantic. In the video, a train passes the tracks, around which a shade of cherry blossom pink is seen, which refreshes the eyes and also relaxes the lamp. Videos with such beautiful views are rarely seen. You can also check out this amazing video of the city of Bangalore turning pink.

Here is the video:

The pink city of Bangalore…

Posting this video on Twitter, Raj Mohan also gave a caption, tagging Indian Railways along with the hashtag. In the caption, he has written that, “It’s that time of year when Bangalore turns pink.” This video is making a lot of headlines among social media users, especially this video. It is nothing short of a treat for nature lovers.

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