BBC Documentary Row | SC rejects BBC ban petition, says: censorship is hard, ban on this documentary remains in country

Supreme Court

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New Delhi. Where today, i.e. Friday, a necessary hearing was held in the Supreme Court regarding the ban of the banned BBC documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’. On the other hand, in this case, the court rejected the petition and said that we cannot impose censorship. The ban on this documentary in the country will remain intact for now. Report that the petition said that the decision to ban the documentary is arbitrary and unconstitutional.

Significantly, there has been a lot of uproar in India regarding this BBC documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’. The controversy over the documentary has now taken a political turn. This is a two part movie series. Actually, this documentary, made against the backdrop of the 2002 Gujarat riots, depicts the political situation when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Prime Minister of Gujarat.

The series traces the early political life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, how he became the Prime Minister of Gujarat. Many things against him have also been shown in this documentary. In the controversial BBC documentary, many questions have been raised about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure in Gujarat. On which many world leaders have shown their discontent against the BBC.

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