BBC English – Economy – Apple launches iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Apple says that several features of the iPhone 5 set it apart from previous models.

Apple has introduced its iPhone-5 with 4G. This phone, bigger than before, was launched in San Francisco.

The specialty of this new phone is the bigger screen than before on which you will see more apps.

The company says its new phone is 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than the iPhone-4S.

Its screen is 4 inches. Although it is smaller than phones from companies like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and HTC in this category.

On Apple’s iPhone-5, the screen length-to-width ratio has been kept at 19:9, which is in line with large-screen TVs.

iPhone-5 Features

Apple Vice President Phil Schiller introduced the iPhone 5. This phone has a chip designed by Apple. Schiller says that this chip makes this phone twice as powerful as previous models.

The iPhone-5 has the same eight-megapixel camera as the iPhone-4, while in this case the latest phones from the company LG and Sony are far ahead.


Apple is getting tough competition from Samsung.

But Schiller says that with the help of the iPhone-5 and the software available with it, better low-light photos can be taken than ever before.

The performance of the iPhone-5 in the market will not only be watched by market analysts, but it is also very important for the future of Apple.

According to data released by Apple, after the company’s results, sales of iPhone and its accessories contribute 52 percent.

But Apple is having a tough competition with Samsung. Its products sell fast all over the world.

Statistics show that from April to June, Samsung accounted for 43.6 percent of the smartphone market in Western Europe, while Apple’s share stood at just 19 percent.

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