BBC English – Pakistan – Army to quell protesters in Pakistan


In Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, large numbers of protesters have taken to the streets over the ‘anti-Islam’ film.

The authorities have called in the army to control the thousands of protesters present.

There are also a large number of students among the protesters, who have attempted to enter the high-security diplomatic zone of the capital, Islamabad. Most Western countries have embassies in this area.

To disperse the crowd, the police launched tear gas canisters and also fired bullets into the air. Clashes between angry protesters and police can be seen in footage being shown on television.

Notice to US Citizens

According to reports, many people have also been injured. Protesters have damaged many vehicles.

Meanwhile, the US State Department has advised its citizens against making unnecessary trips to Pakistan.

The US Department of State has issued this instruction on Thursday. It has been said in the instruction that the American should be aware of the danger of traveling to Pakistan.

The ministry has said that protests are expected to continue in Pakistan in the coming days and that US bases may be attacked.

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