BBC English – Pakistan – Garment factory fire in Karachi leaves 290 dead

The death toll in a fire at a garment factory in the Pakistani city of Karachi has risen to 290.

Rescue teams are still trying to reach the roof and basement of the garment factory where the fire has been raging since the night.

According to eyewitnesses, people hung from the windows of the upper floors and jumped from the roof to escape the fire. Around 40 fire trucks were dedicated to extinguishing the fire throughout the night.

According to Pakistani officials, the factory’s windows were covered with iron nets and there was no way to get out in case of fire.

Around 1,600 workers were present at the factory when the fire broke out. Some people were trapped in multi-story buildings, including children and women.

The bodies of many people burned in the fire are in no position to be identified.

Nothing has been known about the cause of the fire, but it is suspected that the fire started from a short circuit.

lahore factory fire

Earlier, in a separate incident, 25 people were killed in a fire at a shoe factory in Lahore.

The cause of the fire in this factory is said to be a faulty generator.

Health workers in Lahore say some people suffocated to death while others burned in the fire.

The AP news agency quoted a senior police official as saying that six people were also injured.

The official told AP that the fire at the Lahore factory started when people tried to run a generator after a power outage and chemicals stored in the factory caught fire.

An employee who survived the fire said that the chemicals and generators were kept in the garage and that the exit from the building was also through here.

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