BBC English – Pakistan – Kill, I’ll reward you: Pak minister


Demonstrations are taking place all over the world regarding this film.

Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has condemned the announcement by a minister in his government, announcing a reward of one lakh dollars for the person who kills the producer of an anti-Islamic film made in the United States.

Speaking to the BBC, the prime minister’s spokesman, Shafqat Jalili, said the government had nothing to do with the announcement by Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour.

Bilour told reporters in Peshawar on Saturday that he would give a $1 lakh reward to anyone who kills the producer of an American film that insults the Prophet Muhammad.

According to him, if anyone makes such a movie again, he will give the same reward to the person who kills him.

Minister of Railways will remain in office

According to the Prime Minister’s spokesman, the Federal Minister of Railways belongs to the ANP party in the ruling coalition and the Prime Minister will discuss possible steps against him with his ally.

Jalili did not rule out action against Billaur but also said that he will continue to work in his position for the time being.

The Awami National Party has also distanced itself from Billaur’s statements saying that it is his personal opinion and the party has nothing to do with it.

The protest of Muslims against the anti-Islamic film continues around the world. Some 50 people have died in this, including a US ambassador.

pakistan minister of railways

Controversy rose over the Pakistani Railway Minister’s statement.

Violent protests are also taking place in Pakistan, where the government declared a national holiday on Friday to mark ‘Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool’, the day to express love for the Prophet. But 19 people died in the demonstrations during this period.

protests continue

Meanwhile, several people were injured in clashes between police and protesters during a demonstration in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on Saturday.

According to the AP news agency, tear gas and lathi charges were used to disperse the protesters who set several vehicles on fire.

On the other hand, thousands of Muslims in Nigeria peacefully demonstrated in the city of Kano. Marching for several kilometers, people chanted “Down with America, Down with Israel and Down with the enemies of Islam” and burned American and Israeli flags.

Who has made this film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ made with a very low budget, it is still not entirely clear. The United States government strongly condemns this film.

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