BBC English – Pakistan – The minister who announced that the reward is no longer on the “black list”

Ghulam Ahmed Bilour

America strongly criticized Bilor’s announcement

$100,000 reward for beheading the director of a film that ‘insults Islam’

prize The country’s Taliban extremists have removed the name of the Pakistani minister who made the announcement from their blacklist.

Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmed

Amethyst he had said that he would pay the reward money out of his own pocket and that al Qaeda and Taliban extremists could also cooperate in this “noble cause” of killing the filmmaker.


government of pakistan had distanced himself from Billaur’s statement and

America He had also strongly criticized her statement.

A Taliban spokesman has said that following this announcement, Bilour’s name has been removed from the blacklist.

According to the spokesman, the minister’s statement reflects the basic spirit of Islam and that is why his name has been removed from the blacklist.

Bilour is a member of the Pakistan Awami National Party. The Awami National Party has been an opponent of fundamentalists and in recent years this party has been attacked by the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

the wrath of america

This statement by Ghulam Ahmed Bilour is different from the party line. The Awami National Party also distanced itself from this statement.

The United States called this move by Billaur “inappropriate and provocative.”

protests in pakistan

There have been violent protests in Pakistan against the film.

A US State Department official told the BBC: “Both the President and Secretary of State believe the video is shocking, disgusting and reprehensible, but it does not justify violence.” Responsible leaders need to stand up and speak out against violence.

There have been large-scale protests against this film called ‘The Innocence of Muslims’ across the Muslim world, including Pakistan.

Apart from Pakistan, many people have been killed in clashes between police and protesters in countries like Tunisia and Sudan.

Ghulam Bilour has opposed Islamic extremism and has been supporting the intervention of NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Ghulam Billaur’s family runs a flour mill and movie theater in Peshawar. Apart from this, he has properties in Pakistan, London and Dubai. Even before becoming Minister for Railways, he has been Union Minister three times.

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