BBC English – Pakistan – Who is Minister Pak who announced the ‘reward for murder’?

Pakistani Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour is a member of the Awami National Party.

It has announced a reward for the murder of the filmmaker who allegedly insults Islam.

The Awami National Party has been an opponent of fundamentalists and in recent years this party has been under attack by the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

This statement by Ghulam Ahmed Bilour is different from the party line. The Awami National Party has also distanced itself from this statement.

According to the story published in the Telegraph newspaper, opponents of Ghulam Bilour allege that he made this statement to prevent extremist attacks on his family business in Peshawar.

During the demonstrations in Peshawar, protesters set fire to one of its movie theaters.

Significantly, Ghulam Bilour has opposed Islamic extremism and has been supporting the intervention of NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Ghulam Billaur’s family runs a flour mill and movie theater in Peshawar. Apart from this, he has properties in Pakistan, London and Dubai. Even before becoming Minister for Railways, he has been a Union Minister three times.

They come from the Peshawar area of ​​Pakistan. His family is considered to be a wealthy business family from Peshawar.

He joined the Awami National Party in 1970 and has been associated with the same party ever since.

Ghulam Ahmed Bilour is considered close to the non-violent Pashtun leader Bacha Khan of the Pashtun area.

Ahmed Bilour, the eldest of the four brothers, is considered the favorite in the race to become the next president of the Awami National Party.

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