BBC Hindi – Pakistan – Innocent girl who spent weeks in jail for blasphemy!

controversial blasphemy law

Questions have often been raised about Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy law.

Pakistani police have said they have found no evidence against a Christian girl arrested on blasphemy charges.

This girl named Rimsha was arrested two months ago on the complaint of a person from the village of Mera Jafar in the capital Islamabad.

Police told a court that a preliminary investigation suggested a local imam framed the girl for blasphemy, while no concrete evidence was found against Rimsha, who was arrested for burning pages of the Koran, the AP news agency reports.

Police officer Munir Jafri, who investigated the matter, has written in his report that there are indications that the imam of Mera Jafar village put the Koran pages in the bag that Rimsha was carrying.

The District Attorney General has filed several objections to the police report.

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Police have arrested the imam who ‘caught’ Rimsha and he is currently in Rawalpindi’s Adiala jail.

Human rights organizations in Pakistan strongly criticized Rimsha’s arrest. This issue also garnered many headlines in the international media. This matter also caught fire because many questions were raised about the girl’s age and mental state.

After spending three weeks in Rawalpindi jail, Rimsha was granted bail this month with two guarantees of Rs 5 lakhs each and has been kept in a safe place.

In Pakistani history, Rimsha is the youngest accused child to be arrested on blasphemy charges.

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