BBC News – Business – Samsung gets relief from Japanese court

Apple and Samsung

Japanese court rules in favor of Samsung

A Japanese court has ruled in favor of Samsung after a bitter defeat in a US court patent case.

A Tokyo court has ruled that Samsung Electronics has not infringed Apple’s patent.

This patent concerned the transfer of multimedia content between devices.

Just last week, Samsung had lost the US patent case.

The US court had asked Samsung to pay Rs 5 billion as compensation to Apple.


In a statement sent to the BBC after the Tokyo court’s ruling, Samsung said: “We welcome the court’s decision. The decision confirms our long-standing position that our products do not infringe Apple’s patents.”

Tokyo district judge Tamotsu Shoji dismissed Apple’s appeal, saying Samsung had not infringed Apple’s patents on music syncing and video data transfer.

Apple filed this appeal in August.

Last week, on August 24, a US court ruled that Samsung had infringed Apple’s patents for mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

Though Samsung says it will challenge this decision.

On the other hand, Apple has demanded a ban on eight Samsung phones in the US market.

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