BBC News – Economy – Fairness and kindness can improve diplomacy

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Trade between India and Pakistan is dominated by strategic rather than economic reasons.

Fair and Lovely Cream and Parachute Coconut Oil have worked for years for people who want fair skin and long hair, but using it can also improve and strengthen diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan.

The Indian Fair & Lovely Cream for Fairness in Pakistan, Dabur Vatika Oil and Zarde and Chyawanprash have made deep inroads into the hearts and homes of ordinary Pakistanis by breaking down the barriers of borders.

black market mango

A shopkeeper who runs a large grocery store in the city of Karachi, Pakistan, said by phone on condition of anonymity that he sells all these things in abundance in his store and sells them for more than double the price printed on them. .

,Firstly, the goods brought from India add their profit, then the wholesaler adds their profit, then the retailer takes their profit. General prices more than double,

a merchant in karachi

He explains the math of prices: “First of all, goods brought in from India add their profit, then the wholesaler adds their profit, and then the retailer adds their profit. In general, prices more than double.”

Assocham, an industry trade organization in India, says that on paper, India-Pakistan trade is about INR 14,500 crore.

The Foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan will meet in Islamabad on September 7. And after a day the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan will meet. India and Pakistan trade secretaries meeting is also possible soon.

different reality

Shaikh Shakeel Ahmed Dhingra, vice-president of FPCCI, one of Pakistan’s leading industrialists’ organisations, says: “What comes directly from Indian ports is only this amount, but it is actually worth 20-27 billion Indian rupees. The Indian products that we bring to Dubai are sourced from Singapore, it’s many times more than this.”

According to Assocham also, goods going from India to Pakistan via third countries are worth Rs 25-30 billion.

India has already announced that it will keep Pakistan on its priority list for trade.

,It is better that we import expensive products from Europe and buy the same products from India at lower prices. We have to buy goods, we have to give dollars, now give it to Europe or give it to India.,

Shaikh Shakeel Ahmad Dhingra, Vice President, FPCCI

Pakistan has also made such an announcement but is still waiting for its action on the matter.

Many Pakistani businessmen and politicians oppose the opening of Pakistani markets to India as they say that this relationship will not be equal.

In Pakistan-India trade, India’s export to Pakistan is greater than Pakistan’s import.

the posibilities

Shaikh Shakeel Ahmed Dhingra says, “It is wrong to talk about trade balance. It is better if we import expensive goods from Europe and get the same goods from India at low prices. We have to buy goods, give dollars, now give to Europe or India, give it to him”.

Assocham President Rajkumar Dhoot says free trade between the two countries can multiply the tax revenues of the governments of both countries.

FPCCI’s Dhingra says that through free trade, both countries can easily bring mutual trade up to Rs 55 billion in the next two to three years.

It means that the goods are ready, the buyers are ready, the sellers are ready.

It is now up to the governments of India and Pakistan to decide how long they will allow Dabur’s Chyawanprash to bolster the pockets of black market traders rather than their country’s government coffers.

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