BBC Spanish – Pakistan – “Pakistanis are terrified all day”


The drone operation is in the hands of the US intelligence agency CIA.

A US report says that citizens of Pakistan’s northwest region live in fear of US drones 24 hours a day.

Reports published by two prestigious US universities, Stanford University and New York Law School, said the drones are also targeting those who come to the scene to help those injured in the attacks.

Many times, immediately after the drone attack or after a while, they will re-target the same place where they had made the first attack.

The US intelligence agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, that is, the CIA, is using drones in some areas of Pakistan, where hundreds of extremists have been killed so far.

‘Terrorist List’

The United States also uses drones in Yemen.

President Barack Obama has said that the names of those who were targeted were included in the list that was made of active terrorists.

Although many senior Taliban leaders have also been killed in the attacks in Pakistan.

But it is very difficult to estimate how many civilians have been victims of these attacks because the media and investigators are not allowed to go to the border areas adjacent to Afghanistan.

Legal validity

Ordinary urban and human rights organizations have opposed the drone strikes.

An attack in March 2011 killed 40 people, including tribal leaders and local traders.

These people died when a drone attacked four extremists who were traveling in a car.

There was such a stir in such cases that after that, the head of the United Nations Human Rights Organization, Navi Pillai, questioned their legal validity.


He said that this whole matter is beyond the supervision of the army.

A lot of people have raised questions about this US policy that drones are used under the supervision of the CIA and not the military there.

It is also said that Pakistan is not a war zone by any means.

Barack Obama says that if the use of drones is stopped, then the option of sending them into the military area will remain.

However, an earlier report by the AP news agency had said that most of the people killed in the drone strikes were combatants. The new report reaches a different conclusion.

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