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Two dead, one injured in bear attack in Odisha

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Original: Devkabai Patruji Jharkar, a woman from Mouza Morwahi, which lies under the original tehsil and Savli forest area, was digging Lakhori in her own field. Meanwhile, the bear, which was expecting the attack, attacked him and badly injured him. This incident took place on Monday morning at Mool tehsil’s Morwahi camp. The injured woman’s name is Devkabai Patruji Jharkar 55. She is a resident of Morewahi.

The original tehsil is largely covered by forest. There is also a lot of wildlife on campus. Currently, Lakhori’s performance is being taken on the field. During the excavation of the lakhori of the field, some Morwahi women had gone to the field. At that time, the bear sitting on the ledge attacked Devkabai Patruji Jharkar. The bear ran away from there when the co-workers made noise. But Devkabai Jharkar was seriously injured in the bear attack. He was referred to Chandrapur district hospital after first aid at the sub-district hospital of his origin.

Savli Forest Range Forestry Department employees came to the scene and performed the panchnama. Morwahi villagers have demanded immediate financial assistance from the forestry department for the family of the injured woman. Last year, in 2022, during the lake’s digging season, a woman named Pal was attacked by a tiger in the Morwahi field, where she died. Because of this, the question has arisen as to how farmers in the village and on campus should do agriculture and how to support the family. In such a situation, the Forestry Department has indicated to make arrangements for wildlife or organize a mass move.

In this context, after contacting the Forestry Field Officer PG Virutkar, the injured person received financial assistance immediately, it was requested. Informed only that there is no provision for assistance to the wounded.


Kamlesh Satpute, Ashok Yerme


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