Bengal’s six-point agenda was prepared amid Kovid fears. Bengal’s six-point agenda ready amid covid fears

digital desktop, Calcutta. In view of the new Covid-19 scare due to rising pandemic graph in some countries, the West Bengal Department of Health on Saturday highlighted a six-point agenda to take immediate precautionary measures for any emergency in the coming days.

State Health Secretary NS A six-point agenda was prepared at a meeting of senior officials from the state health department chaired by the corporation.

A source in the state health department, familiar with the discussions at the meeting, said genome sequencing was emphasized by collecting a total of 30 samples from a government and three private hospitals in the state. State Department officials have been asked to be in constant contact with the National Institute for Biomedical Genomics (NIBM) in this regard.

The second item on the six-point agenda is to maintain a constant vigil to ensure that the ventilators in the COVID-19 section of all hospitals in the state are in good condition. In view of the current normalcy, the COVID-19 units in many hospitals in West Bengal are not as active as they were during the last two years of the pandemic, a state health department official said. At Saturday’s meeting, it was decided that instructions will be given to all hospitals to reactivate their respective COVID units and be prepared with all the necessary measures to deal with any possible emergency in the coming days.

The fourth agenda is to ensure that the entire RT-PCR and antigen testing process is fully tested by immediately procuring additional one lakh test kits required for this purpose. Along with this, the necessary instructions will be given to all hospitals for all outpatients and doctors, nursing assistants and health workers stationed in the department to immediately isolate patients with symptoms of Covid-19 and examine them as soon as possible. soon as possible.

The state health department official said: The sixth and most important agenda is to immediately contact all oxygen plants in the state and consider production capacity considering past experience of oxygen supply shortages during peak period of the pandemic last year. .


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