10 Best ​Kitchen​ Cooking Torches & Butane Torch Lighters In 2017

Tired of carrying around cumbersome fire sticks and lanterns? There’s a more portable, reliable, and efficient alternative that removes the stress out of cooking. Cooking torches are the next big thing in the world of portable cooking appliances. The number of uses it can be put into are far and wide. From cooking, glass work, to soldering, a cooking torch will never disappoint. But there are many brands out there to the extent we become confused to know which one performs best.

Based on the design, construction quality, performance, and price, we’ve dug the internet to find which cooking torches actually deliver as promised. Below is our roundup of the best cooking torches we gave a high rating.

Table of the Best Kitchen Cooking Torches Reviews

10. Culinary  Kitchen Cooking Blow Torch

Cooking Torches

This cooking torch lets you create amazing foods and desserts. It’s a professional culinary torch equipped with anti-flare technology for worry-free use. The torch has a fuel gauge window for easy monitoring of fuel level. It burns to temperatures 2730 degrees Fahrenheit. On a full tank, this cooking torch can burn up to 60 minutes. The torch has a durable metal construction that is sure to last for many years.

9. JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Refillable Cooking Kitchen Torch

JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch

This torch takes your cooking skills a notch higher. It’s a boss of the flame production and comes in a simple design to be used even by amateurs. The torch body of the torch is made of stainless steel that makes it durable and stylish. Refilling is done in seconds using lighter butane gas. The ergonomic size and design of this torch give a safe and comfortable grip. It burns at temperatures high enough to be used for soldering and jewelry making.

8. Ingeniosity Products Culinary Handheld Kitchen Blow Torch

Ingeniosity Products Culinary Handheld Kitchen Blow Torch

Ingeniosity culinary hand-held torch is built with your safety and that of your kids in mind. This cooking torch takes the stress out of treating your family and friends to a good meal. The flame is adjustable and burns to a temperature of up to 2370 degrees Fahrenheit. The aluminum construction makes it stylish and durable. This cooking torch is easy to refill with minimal leakages. It burns for up to 60 minutes on a full tank.

7. Keen Smart Kitchen Butane Hand Torch – Elegant Chef Cooking


This cooking torch has become a staple in many fine restaurants and you can make it part of your home cooking supplies. A safety lock mechanism and anti-flare technology make the torch safe around you and your kids. It is made of quality stainless steel designed to be durable and stylish. A large 28ml fuel tank lasts you up to 60 minutes of cooking. The flame is adjustable and gives searing temperatures of up to 2730 degree Fahrenheit. The handle has a non-slip textured surface to give a sure grip.

6. YOMBAND Refillable Kitchen Cooking Blow Torch

YOMBAND Refillable Kitchen Cooking Blow Torch

This torch meets the needs of all from hobbyists to professionals chefs. The chances of accidents happening are kept at minimal with a safety lock mechanism and anti-flare technology. There’s a knob that lets you adjust the flame. This torch burns at a maximum temperature of 2730 degrees Fahrenheit. It provides an ergonomic non-slip grip. The torch is refillable so you can use it over and over again.

5. HugeHard Blow Torch Kitchen Butane Torch

Blow Torch Kitchen Butane Torch Refillable Culinary Torch

HugeHard kitchen torch easily adjusts to what you’re cooking. This is achieved by a regulator that lets you set the intensity of the flame. The torch is simple to use and comes with a security lock/open feature for maximum safety. It’s a portable torch you can take with you and use wherever you are. The torch provides a good grip so it doesn’t slip off your hands. It’s a budget-friendly option and by far the cheapest in our list.

4. SinSEARly Cuisine Ultimate Culinary Blow Torch

Ultimate Culinary Blow Torch

Novice or not, this cooking torch is there to match your cooking needs whether at home or out there camping. The torch is compact enough to give you the grip and portability you need in a cooking torch. The flame is consistent and the angle flow technology keeps the consistency even when the torch is held upside down. It comes in a sleek and stylish aluminum construction that’s sure to stand out in your kitchen. This torch even comes with a recipe book to get you started.

3. XPERT’S FLAME Kitchen Cooking Torch For Creme Brulee

XPERT'S FLAME Kitchen Cooking Torch For Creme Brulee

This is an all-in-one kitchen torch designed to be put to many uses. Be it cooking, jewelry melting, or soldering, this cooking torch is there to serve your needs. It comes in a smart, clever design to benefit both novice cooks and pro chefs. The flame is powerful and can be adjusted to suit the task at hand. It’s portable and provides a sure non-slip grip. There’s a gauge window to let you monitor the fuel level.

2. EurKitchen Culinary Safest Cooking Torch

EurKitchen Culinary Torch - Safest Cooking Torch

This torch makes cooking, soldering, and welding almost risk-free. It’s built with safety as the first priority. Made of aluminum and ABS plastic, this torch feel lightweight to maximize portability. There’s a gas safety lock so your kids can’t light it. The flame is consistent and can be adjusted to match the task at hand. The flame shoots up to 6 inches and generates a temperature of 2730 degrees Fahrenheit. This torch can be refilled with any brand of butane.

1. Iwatani Professional Culinary Butane Cooking Torch

Iwatani Cooking Torch

The price tag of this cooking torch speaks great of its quality and the level of safety built in it. A gas flow control and air regulator knob let you switch the size of the flame between large and small. The number of uses that this cooking torch can be put under can only be limited to your imagination. This torch has a comfortable pistol grip. The gas cylinder attaches to the torch with a simple push and twist mechanism. The trigger doesn’t to be kept on once the torch is lit.