10 Best Powered/Electric Log Splitters For Sale Reviews In 2017

It is always hard to use the traditional methods of wood splitting, for instance, the use of an axe. It will take a lot of your energy and maybe you won’t be able to do much. Several dangers also are prone to happen when these traditional methods are used to cutting oneself. That is why we have brought this machine that will take splitting of logs to the new level. You won’t use your energy at all. What you will use are your eyes and intelligence. Your hands will be for controlling the machine and loading it with logs. Don’t go for cheap machines because the cheaper the machine, the more dangers it will cause you, the more fuel or energy it will consume. Come and buy these log splitters and you are guaranteed of total security and warranty if anything goes wrong. We are the best, and we sell quality products. Try us and you won’t regret even a second.

10. WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Electric Log SplittersThis is a nice compact machine that is smaller than you will expect. Its size does not matter because it is powerful. It will move and store your logs like a hand truck. It is also easy to use and only requires two hands for it to operate well and to prevent injury. This splitter is electrically propelled, so there is no need to move with gas around to go and refill it. This machine will split almost any size log if you place it right.

9. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter – 7-Ton

Electric Log Splitters For SaleNow, if you don’t need to use your two hands, then this machine offers easy one-handed operation and portability. The automatic ram return allows operators to get their job done in half the time they expected it. The rugged design, professional-grade hydraulics and quality craftsmanship will always ensure that this horse will keep on splitting. If you are thinking of buying a splitter, then buy this one. It will do the job perfectly well because it is heavy duty. You don’t have to lift the pieces highly when you split them, and they even don’t fall far. You can’t beat the service of this machine.

8. Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter – 7-Ton

Electric Log Splitters For SaleThis horse is out to split more than 100 logs in less than an hour without stressing yourself to get a backache or a headache. It eliminates injuries and empowers anybody to be able to split their logs at the comfort of your home. An important feature that is found in this machine is that the two handles simultaneously operate at the same time so that your two hands must be there to operate, thus avoiding injury. You don’t have to worry about any injuries because the splitter automatically retracts when you remove your hand from the lever so that you can load the next load with minimal effort.

7. Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

Electric Log Splitters For SaleThe splitter makes the task of splitting logs simple for you. It provides power to split logs up to 20 inches long and 12 inches in diameter. The handed operation keeps your hands clear of the action while operating, allowing for consistent and safe cutting time after time. The steel construction that has been used to make the splitter is a clear indication of durability and toughness, allowing for a long working life. Its motor runs on a regular 1,500-watt current and won’t need much to increase your bills.

6. Champion Power Equipment 90720 7 Ton Compact Portable Log Splitter

Electric Log Splitters For SaleIt provides medium duty, dependable, and portable log splitting with power and speed. It’s two state hydraulic three-gallon pump produces maximum pressure. It has an integrated log cradle that can accommodate long logs with a maximum weight. It has a sturdy steel beam for mobility. Assembling this machine is easy, and its manual is very easy to understand and it is very informative by giving you the part number of the engine and the replacement spark plug. The machine is well built, light but durable and easy to store.

5. Pow’ R’ Kraft 65575 7-Ton 15 amp 2-Speed Electric Log Splitters

Electric Log Splitters For SaleThe engine of this machine is quite, and your neighbors will not complain about it, and also your ears will not be damaged. This thing splits the wood logs into pieces. When it hits the knotted part of a log, it crushes it and keeps on going. The machine has the power that is needed to get through most rounds of log splitting. The two-year warranty that you are given after you buy it is a clear indication that our company will do any replacement that might be needed.

4. WoodEze 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter – LS56-1

Electric-Log-Splitters-2Most log splitters that are powered by gas are termed to be noisy and give off fumes to the environment. Since this product has no harsh fumes and noise to deal with, it is not only perfect for the yard but can also be used in the shed, garage, or in the basement. It is also simple and secure to operate. When splitting logs, most of them fall apart to either side of the machine before the end of the stroke. Te ram retracts immediately when you let go of the button.

3. Dirty Hand Tools 100171 22 Ton Splitter with Kohler Engine

Electric Log Splitters For Sale This is by far the best splitter machine that exists in the world because it makes others look like toys to it. Every part of this machine is beefier and more robust. In rare occasions, the splitter might slow down in a tough piece of wood, but nothing will twist or noticeable deflects. If you want to try the mighty that it produces, just buy it and try to throw any log at it, it will squash it without a glimpse of an eye.

2. Boss Industrial EC5T20 Electric Log Splitter, 5 Ton

Electric Log Splitters For Sale

Sometimes, you might put yourself in a situation of wanting to re-split wood that has been already split. No wood machine would do a better job than this one. The splitter is fine, and its price is also reasonable. The one hand splitter of the machine is also wonderful. You only need to put one hand on the lever, and the other on the log steading it. Some other machines make you use two hands to operate the controls as a safety feature, but sometimes this feature if not well done can make things turn out to be dangerous. Buy this product and re-split your logs into sizes that can fit you.

1. NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter – 37-Ton, 270cc Honda GX270 Engine

Electric Log Splitters For Sale

This powerful machine will split any log that gets in its way in either a vertical or horizontal position. Controlled by a Honda GX270 engine with an exclusive idle down feature that saves and reduces noise while you load the next one. Its concentric hydraulic pump intelligently adjusts flow and pressure by delivering high flow/low when there is no resistance and low/high pressure when cutting through a log to reduce travel time and increase productivity. There is also no need to bother if you have knotty woods because it will handle any wood without fear or favor.