10 Best Power/Electric Wheelchairs For Sale Reviews In 2018

Electric wheelchairs have gained popularity with users as opposed to traditional wheelchairs as they are convenient, efficient, faster, more reliable, as well as more comfortable. In addition, they are easier to operate on different terrains with ease. It is with these added advantages and benefits that electric wheelchairs are a better option. They come with varying features to help individuals meet their various objectives. There are different brands and models in the market offering electric wheelchairs.

When looking to buy an electric wheelchair, it is best that you put your objectives into consideration first. While they all promise to deliver comfort, easy maneuverability, as well as safety, it is important to consider adjustability to help you work with your height and special physical structure. With this in mind, you can get started on your search for the best wheelchair. The following are the top 10 best electric wheelchairs reviews that should top your considerations.

Table of the Best Gas/Electric Wheelchairs Reviews

10. Everest & Jennings 2F100230 Metro Power III Desk Arms

Electric Wheelchairs

This electric chair is not only functional but also comfortable to ensure that as you use it, you do not have to reinforce it for comfort. Maneuverability is easy and with the touch of a button, you are on your way no matter the direction of your choice. In addition, it can withstand any kind of terrain be it outdoors or indoors. In reference to comfort, it comes with value-added tension adjustable back upholstery. If you have a few items that need storage, it comes with a back and front pouch that are conveniently placed.

9. Compact Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chair

Compact Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chair

This electric wheelchair promotes safety, effectiveness, efficiency, and boosts performance. It features an anti-tip wheel design, which ensures that you remain on course when on the move. It can easily take on turns and tight corners. To ensure comfort, it comes with an adjustable headrest, footplate, and seat belt. It can hold up to a 300 lbs weight capacity. It is safe thanks to its strong and responsive anti-tip wheels. You can make adjustments and pull up to any table with ease as you can pull away from the

8. Drive Medical Sunfire Gladiator Very HD Power Wheelchair

HD Power Wheelchair

If you are looking for an electric wheelchair that is functional and delivers on comfort, this is the wheelchair for you. It is designed with mid-wheel technology, which ensures that it is easy to maneuver as well as adjust. It has the capability to tilt the seat infinitely. In addition, you can also adjust the height, width, as well as angled arms. It is also comfortable with a headrest and a large captain seat that is also adjustable.

7. Jazzy Select GT Electric Wheelchairs

Jazzy Select GT

This electric wheelchair is designed to deliver comfort, functionality, as well as ease of maneuverability. It has an active track suspension, which ensures stability and an in-line motor technology, which seek to boost performance. Its headrest and footstep are comfortable and placed strategically to ensure comfort. It also comes with a 40 amp pg GC controller.

6. Prize Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair

Pride Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair

This wheelchair seeks to define performance and stability thanks to its ATX Active-Trac suspensions with extra stability. When looking to descend obstacles, the OMNI-Caster comes in handy, which is adjustable as you can drop it down to the ground. Its functionality is ensured with the spherical shaped nylon OMNI-Casters that are designed to prevent any hang-ups. It easy to maneuver and it can take on sharp and tight turns.

5. Pronto Air Personal Transporter

Pronto Air Personal Transporter

This wheelchair is easy to control with its intuitive driver controls. Its ergonomic, modular arm pads make it easy to for you to rest as well as take on some activity when the need arises. Its 12-inch wheels allow for easy maneuverability and thanks to the 4.5 mph top speed, you can move about with ease. It is also comfortable thanks to its breathable foam, which works great with individual pressure points. It also has enough sitting space.

4. Cobalt Travel Power Wheelchair Color

Travel Power Wheelchair

This electric wheelchair is not only easy to assemble but it also folds for easy storage requiring little storage space. To ensure it is comfortable for different persons, you can adjust the seat from its four height adjustments. The armrests are removable when not in use and when in use, they flip up to provide space to slip on and off. You can adjust the controller to suit your preference. The footplate is also adjustable to ensure comfort. To ensure that it is safe, it features a positioning belt as well as an armrest-mounted reflector.

3. Karman 18 Inch Full Power Stand Up Chair

Karman 18 Inch Full Power Stand Up Chair

While this electric wheelchair seeks to help move about with ease, it also serves to promote easy blood circulation; it relieves pressure, as well as improves your overall health. You have the capability to control all functions thanks to its dual attendant controller. In addition, it adjusts from a sitting position to a standing angle very fast in under 15 seconds. You can still drive it in a vertical position. No matter the position, this wheelchair is ideal to meet your objectives.

2. Pronto M51 Power Wheelchair with Captain’s Base Seat

Power Wheelchair with Captain's Base Seat

The arms of this electric chair are adjustable (both width and height) and the seat is semi-reclined to allow you make the right adjustments. The controller joystick is easy to reach and maneuver making it easy to control the wheelchair. It has six wheels, which make it simple to make turns and at the same time retain stability. Thanks to its compact size, making sharp turns is even easier.

1. Upgrade Compact Mid – Wheel Power Chair Color: Burgundy

Electric Wheelchairs

A true definition of safety and comfort when looking for an electric wheelchair can be experienced from this wheelchair. This is because it comes with an adjustable headrest and a safety belt. It features six wheels with the mid-wheels being a little larger from the rear and front wheels, which ensures stability even when taking sharp turns. The armrests are adjustable which also boost comfort. The footplate allows for three-angle adjustments.