10 Best Outdoor Waterproof BBQ Gas Grill Covers In 2017

No matter how much you love your barbecue parties, it is impossible to use your grills every day. Using the grill every week also seems to be a farfetched dream sometimes. Usually, your grill spends its time in the storeroom waiting to be used the next time. As a result, it usually gets covered in layers of dust and it becomes too hard for you to clean. You can change this situation with the gas grill covers. The waterproof grill covers are manufactured from the finest fabrics which enable them to protect your grill from dirt and dust. Furthermore, the gas grill covers are efficient enough to protect your grill from all kinds of weather conditions. So, why wait further? Have a look at our list and choose the best gas grill cover for yourself.

Table of the Best Waterproof BBQ Gas Grill Covers

10. Homitt  58-inch 600D Black Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover for all Brands of Grill

Gas Grill Covers

Do not worry much about cleaning your gas after frequent intervals as the gas grill cover from Homitt will be the protector. This gas grill cover is made of 600D Oxford fabric which is highly water and rip resistant as well as resists the harsh weathers. The velcro straps keep the cover in place and even a rough wind will fail to blow the covers away. Besides being wind resistant, this gas cover is extremely easy to clean.

9. VicTsing Medium 58-Ince Waterproof BBQ Gas Grill Cover

Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Cover with Velcro Secure Straps

VicTsing being a prominent brand has designed this grill cover in such a way that it is fit to cover the gas grills of almost every brand. To make it highly-durable, VicTsing uses 600D polyester fabric. It is hard to rip the cover as the hydrophobic material guarantees protection. And it has a UV resistant design, thus no more fear of the sun. Plus, the cover is also wind and water resistant. Be sure about a secured fit as this gas grill cover in black is amazing.

8. Homitt Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Gas Grill Cover with PVC Facing

Homitt Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Gas Grill Cover with PVC Facing

Well, it looks like Hommit has some of the best gas grill covers. Another product coming from Homitt, this grill cover excels in quality and durability. Made with the combination of PVC and 600D Oxford fabrics, the color of the cover won’t fade away easily even when exposed to the rough sun. The cover is wind, water, rip and UV resistant; in short, it is weather resistant. Moreover, you do not have to scratch your head for finding a way to clean it as you can clean it by using water and then dry it well. Aren’t you impressed with this product?

7. LiBa Outdoor Waterproof Barbeque Gas Grill Cover

LiBa Outdoor Waterproof Barbeque Gas Grill Cover

Feel relieved as LiBa promises to keep your desired gas grill completely new. If you are an owner of a barbeque gas grill, then you will know how tough it is to clean your grill frequently. No more of last-minute clean-ups as this superior quality grill cover is designed to protect the grill and grilling accessories from unbearable weather conditions and dust. You will get all-year-round protection but the best feature is the custom fit. Yes, how big or small the gas grills maybe, it will fit your Weber gas grill perfectly. This breathable fabric makes it easy to handle, place and remove.

6. Veranda Premium Durable BBQ Cover with Weather Resistant Fabric

Veranda Grill Cover - Durable BBQ Cover with Heavy-Duty Weather Resistant Fabric

This is one of the premium grill covers that you can get in the market. Not only the exterior but even the interior is stitched to perfection. The interior has high-density stitching which ensures longevity and also comes with padded handles that make the task of uncovering or covering easy. It allows custom fit as elastic hems and toggles facilitate adjustments. Furthermore, the cover is water-resistant and has a dark splash guard skirt. Undoubtedly, it looks elegant and you can choose the suitable one from a wide variety of 140 shapes and styles.

5. Unicook Durable & Convenient 55-Inch Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

As the name suggests, this Unicook gas grill cover is waterproof. The speciality lies in its new generation fabric that has a vinyl coating and completely fade resistant. Apart from being UV and weather resistant, it has mesh air vents that allow all moisture to escape and facilitates smooth air circulation. Hence, the vents save from mildew. Now effortlessly remove and place the cover with the help of two handles.

4. Unicook Small Space Waterproof Square BBQ Gas Grill Cover

Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof 2 Burner Gas Grill Cover

Unicook has been ruling over the gas grill covers market and this product is a prominent proof. For providing the best-quality gas grill cover, Unicook uses the new generation fabric. The Velcro straps help in fastening the cover tightly so there is no blowing off or unwanted slipping down. From resisting UV and repelling rain to protection from natural elements and tears, this cover has it all. So, grab it now.

3. Unicook Special Fade & UV Resistant Material Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

UV Resistant Material Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Clearly, Unicook is a trustworthy brand when you think about gas grill covers. Unicook understands the importance of air circulation, thus mesh air vents are included which also prevent the cover from flying away when there are strong winds. Upgraded material namely new generation vinyl coated fabric makes it a wanted piece. Keep it exposed to sun or rain; nothing will happen as it is water and UV resistant.

2. Garden Home Outdoor Heavy Duty Gas Barbeque Grill Cover

Garden Home Outdoor Heavy Duty Gas Barbeque Grill Cover

Garden Home has impressed the users with its product quality and this outdoor grill cover will be one of your favorite picks. The cover is wide enough to protect cart style barbecues and it can cover up to 57-inch gas grills. This is a heavy-duty protective cover and also can resist flame and water. You can’t tear it apart even after thousands try as it is sturdy and durable. Further, it has a splash-guard skirt, the click-close straps totally promise a safe placement and the elastic hem cord which is also adjustable is a savior. The air vents for an easy flow of air and interlocking seams add to its advantages.

1. Kingkong Weber Genesis Gas Grill Cover Kit for Series E & S

Gas Grill Cover Kit for Weber Genesis E and S Series Gas Grills

Though specially designed for Weber Genesis, the Kingkong grill cover occupies the number one spot in the list for multiple reasons. The heavy-duty polyester allows it to handle the severe UV rays and water. It is crack resistant and so there are no chances that the gas grill may suffer from damage. Furthermore, the Velcro straps allow to keep the cover in position and it is too easy to clean. But the fact that will impress you the most is that it offers extra tools without charging anything extra. You get tongs, a cooking thermometer and stainless steel grill brush of superior quality along with this cover. Isn’t that wow?

Make your barbecuing sessions interesting as the gas grill covers do the job of providing protection. If you are out for a holiday or covering it just to keep your grills safe, this gas grill cover won’t disappoint you. So pick the best without any delay.